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  1. European cities to receive the EU Mission Label for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities

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    Source: Climate-KIC

    The European Commission has awarded 10 cities with the EU Mission Label as a part of the NetZeroCities program led by EIT Climate-KIC. This label marks an important step, acknowledging the cities’ plans (Climate City Contracts) to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 and aims to facilitate access to both public and private funding to support this goal.

    The cities bestowed with the EU Mission Label include Sønderborg (Denmark), Mannheim (Germany), Madrid, Valencia, Valladolid, Vitoria-Gasteiz, and Zaragoza (Spain), Klagenfurt (Austria), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), and Stockholm (Sweden).

    Thomas Osdoba, Director of the Mission Platform at NetZeroCities, emphasises “The first Mission Cities to secure the Mission Label is a milestone on their way to climate neutrality. We all know how big the challenge is and this key step is a sign of progress and momentum. The EU Mission Label has the power to significantly accelerate the climate transition journey for European Cities and unlock their potential,”

    The assessment of Climate City Contracts, submitted by the cities earlier this year to NetZeroCities, was conducted by the European Commission. The contracts outline the cities’ overarching vision for climate neutrality, incorporating action plans and investment strategies. The cities developed their Climate City Contracts collaboratively with local stakeholders, including the private sector and citizens. The contracts serve as innovative governance tools, leveraging existing knowledge and resources to swiftly reduce emissions and overcome various barriers (financial, structural, governance, social, and more), to achieve their climate goals.

    The first group of cities submitted their Climate City Contracts in April 2023. These were then subject to a thorough review by the EU Commission with the support of experts, including from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). Upon successful review, cities receive the EU Mission Label, providing enhanced access to EU, national, and regional funding, as well as private investments.

    The EU Commission, in collaboration with the Mission Platform, currently managed by the NetZeroCities program, will continue supporting the effective implementation of Climate City Contracts. Cities that have received the EU Mission Label can now use it as a vote of confidence in their climate neutrality plans, especially when seeking support from public and private funders.

    The Commission will support cities through the Mission Platform with hands-on advice and funding programs, such as the €32 million Pilot Cities Programme combined with a Twinning Programme. A second call for the Pilot Cities Programme was open until 6 November, with a budget of €20 million.

    Anticipating the participation of many other Mission Cities, currently developing their Climate City Contracts, this collective effort is not only leading the way but also inspiring other cities, governments, and institutions to embark on similar climate action journeys.

  2. EIT Urban Mobility Open Innovation Call for Proposals

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    Source: EIT Urban Mobility

    Sustainable living in urban areas is high on the agenda around the world. EIT Urban Mobility has recognised this and is campaigning with local innovators who are developing solutions to the climate emergency. Concurrently, the quality of our city lifestyles and European mobility will be improved.

    EIT’s Innovation Programme for 2023- 2025 is based upon the support that they have been providing throughout Europe since 2020 to strengthen our ecosystem. In 2024, the focus will be on three main areas; Sustainable City Logistics, Energy and Mobility, and Future Mobility. EIT welcome any input from others wishing to support their quest to tackle the most difficult barriers to better living and promote urban mobility.

    The Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities addresses net zero targets through urban mobility improvements and is adhered to. Regarding Sustainable City Logistics, they also support the European Technology Platform – ALICE.

    Aims and Challenges

    By introducing innovations to the market, it is hoped that city lives will be improved. Challenges will be overcome, and commercial fluency will increase. The EIT Urban Mobility Business Plan 2023 – 2025 has identified three priority areas of mobility challenges, namely:

    Sustainable City Logistics
    Mobility and Energy
    Future Mobility.

    Participation with transport providers is encouraged with an aim to progress pan-European innovations and improve transport services and logistics. EIT also aligns with the objectives of the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, so any of the 112 cities committed to Net Zero climate neutrality by 2030 should apply. Transport and mobility are long-since recognised as negative climate influencers and this can be changed.


    From 17th to 20th April, online information sessions will be hosted by EIT Urban Mobility, in which registration and submissions details will be shared alongside the ideas of the innovation quest. To register for the webinar, please visit Innovations Days.

    For administration information, the Program Management Office (PMO) can be contacted: pmo@eiturbanmobility.eu
    Content information and question can be answered by the Innovation Team: innovationcall2024@eiturban

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