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  1. From E-Mobility to Combustion: Microlino’s Groundbreaking Transition

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    In an unexpected twist of events that’s set to shake the foundations of the car industry and perhaps, ignite a spark in the hearts of policymakers across Europe, Microlino has announced a revolutionary change in its production line. Buckling under the pressure of unsupported L7e electric vehicle infrastructure and burgeoning import taxes, the beloved compact EV maker is taking a bold leap – back in time.

    From Electric Dreams to Combustion Realities

    Yes, you read that right. In a move that’s bound to raise more than a few eyebrows, Microlino is saying goodbye to its electric dreams and embracing the age-old combustion engine. “Given the lack of government support in various European countries and the imposition of import taxes, we’ve been pushed to rethink our strategy,” explains Wim Ouboter, CEO & Founder of Micro. “Moreover, being part of the L7e category, which sadly doesn’t play a role in the CO2 calculations, denies us the benefits that giants like Tesla enjoyed in the past, reaping 700 million from the government annually.”

    Innovative Partnership: The New Engine from India

    In an exciting development, Microlino announces that the origin of the new combustion engine will be India – a country globally recognized for its expertise in manufacturing high-quality and premium motorcycles. “For our latest step, we have entered into a partnership with one of the leading experts in the motorcycle industry. This collaboration symbolizes our continuous pursuit of innovation and the highest quality, even as we venture into the realm of combustion engines.” With this move, Microlino underscores its commitment to excellence and the willingness to explore unconventional paths to find the best solutions.

    A Nostalgic Solution to Modern Problems

    The decision, which comes after much deliberation and a hint of desperation, is seen as a pragmatic step back to a time when combustion was king. “It’s simple, really,” continues Ouboter. “If the world doesn’t support our electric ambitions, we’ll save costs where it hurts the most – the battery.”
    This drastic shift not only highlights the financial and regulatory challenges faced by electric microcars but also shines a spotlight on the broader issue of electric vehicle support in Europe. “Our move to combustion is a cheeky nod to the political sarcasm that surrounds the L7e vehicle category in most European countries. A lack of support? Fine, we’ll just save the planet the old-fashioned way.”

    About Micro

    Founded in 1999 by Wim Ouboter, Micro has established itself as a pioneer in urban micro-mobility, notably with the invention of the first kick scooter designed for city travel. In 2013, the company expanded into electric mobility solutions and initiated collaborations with renowned automotive brands. The development of the Microlino, led by Ouboter’s sons Merlin and Oliver, began in 2015 as a PR stunt for the Geneva Auto Show, but due to overwhelming public interest, it evolved into full-scale production. As a family-owned business, Micro is committed to innovation, quality, and sustainability, a commitment recognized through numerous awards.
    For more information, visit www.microlino-car.com.

    Microlino with combustion engine
  2. Micro presents the new Microlino Lite at the Geneva Motor Show

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    • World premiere in Geneva: LEVA-EU member Micro presents the Microlino Lite, an innovative L6e version of the popular Microlino.
    • Accessible for everyone: limited to a top speed of 45 km/h, the Microlino Lite also gives people without a driving license the opportunity to get around safely, protected from the weather and with plenty of «bella figura».
    • Sales launch in early summer 2024: The Microlino Lite is available in two color variants at an entry-level price of 149 CHF/month* and can now be ordered on the Microlino website.

    As part of this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Micro, the innovative Swiss manufacturer of electric vehicles, is unveiling an exciting world first: the Microlino Lite. This new model, an L6e version of the popular Microlino, is designed to make sustainable mobility solutions accessible to a wider audience who do not have a driver’s license.

    The Microlino Lite offers the same range as its «big brother», but the top speed is limited to 45 km/h.

    «The Microlino Lite is our contribution to making sustainable mobility solutions accessible to an even wider community. We recognize the growing need for such mobility, especially among those who want to be safe and protected from the weather without a driver’s license,» explains Merlin Ouboter, Microlino Co-Founder.

    A fresh, young look with new design elements

    The Microlino Lite differs from the standard Microlino model with unique design features. A fresh color scheme emphasizes the contemporary concept of the vehicle, while details in a vibrant orange give the design an energetic touch.

    Accessibility and innovation

    In early summer 2024, Micro will start selling the Microlino Lite at an attractive entry-level price of 149 CHF/month*. Available in two color variants, Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite, it opens up new mobility routes for people aged 14 and over with an AM (moped) driving license, in accordance with the respective national regulations (further information on the minimum age can be found here).

    Front runner in the L6e category

    With its self-supporting body made of high-strength steel, the Microlino Lite sets new standards in terms of driving dynamics and safety in its vehicle class. With a basic range of approximately 100 km, which can be optionally extended up to 180 km**, it is the perfect companion for everyday use.

    Complemented by outstanding production quality with an outer skin made of steel and aluminum in automotive quality, the sunroof for that convertible feeling in summer and a practical trunk of up to 230 l, it offers a unique package all round. Like its big brother, the Microlino Lite is built in the Microlino factory in the heart of Europe, in Turin, Italy.

    Commitment to the Swiss market

    The Geneva Motor Show, which opens its doors from February 26 to March 3, 2024, marks a spectacular comeback with a new concept after a break of four years. As a proud Swiss manufacturer, Micro is excited to present its vision of sustainable and future-oriented mobility with the Microlino and the brand new Microlino Lite in this new setting. Visitors will also have the opportunity to test drive the standard version of the Microlino directly on site.

    About Micro

    Since its foundation in 1999 by Wim Ouboter, Micro has established itself as a pioneer in the field of urban mobility. With the invention of the first kick scooter specifically designed for urban transportation, Micro coined the term “micromobility”.

    In 2013, Micro expanded its range to include electric mobility and launched its first e-scooter on the market. Since then, the company has continuously developed its electric product lines and launched collaborations with renowned car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Mazda and Peugeot.

    The development of the Microlino, led by Wim Ouboter’s sons Merlin and Oliver, began in 2015. Originally intended as a PR stunt for the Geneva Motor Show, public interest exceeded all expectations, so Micro decided to start series development.

    As a 100% family-owned company, Micro is characterized by a deep commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability. The company has received numerous awards for its products and management, including the Best Design Award for the Microlino, the Fast Company Most Innovative Companies Award, two nominations for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award and inclusion in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. More information at www.microlino-car.com.

    Further information on the Microlino Lite can be found at:

    Press contact
    Merlin Ouboter, Co-Founder & CMO Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8700 Küsnacht ZH merlin.ouboter@micro.ms +41 79 837 38 66

    Press Images

    Technical Data Microlino Lite

    *All prices include the currently valid VAT and exclude the delivery fee. Calculation example for the configured vehicle, nominal annual interest rate: 3.99% effective annual interest rate: 4.07%, term: 48 months, mileage: 5,000 km/year, special payment: 25% of the total price. The granting of credit is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness on the part of the consumer. Financing via AMAG Leasing AG.

    ** The specified range may be subject to change.

  3. Drivemycar expanding its fleet with Microlino microcars

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    drivemycar, a carsharing platform from Switzerland, has announced that 10% of its product portfolio will include microcars, aiming to narrow the gap between fully-sized cars and micromobility vehicles by appealing to a broader mobility audience.

    drivemycar’s carsharing solution integrates Microlino’s microcars with Cloudboxx (a technology solution provided by the carsharer’s partner Invers). Microcars are often vehicles with 3 or 4 wheels, and smaller than traditional cars.

    “Microcars are ideal for urban transport where parking space is limited and the demand for compact, efficient transport solutions is high,” Metin Kabay, Co-Founder, COO and CTO of drivemycar told Zag Daily.

    “These vehicles offer an environmentally friendly alternative and are particularly appealing to younger city dwellers and people who only need a vehicle for short journeys.”

    Metin explains that the addition of microcars to drivemycar’s range enables it to fulfill a new purpose for urban mobility.

    “Microcars open up new possibilities for single journeys or journeys with a maximum of two people. They are less intended for traditional car sharing, but rather for users looking for a fast, easily accessible and inexpensive vehicle for short journeys,” Metin said.

    The co-founder of Microlino AG, Merlin Ouboter, also expands on the benefits of adding 30 microcars to drivemycar’s fleet by explaining how microcar usage can help protect the environment.

    “Currently, full-size cars weighing 1-3 tonnes occupy substantial public space, necessitating more and more urban areas for highways, lanes, and parking,” he said. “Despite this approximately 80 percent of trips by these vehicles only transport a single person.

    “Their environmental footprint, whether electric or not, is much higher than the footprint of an electric L7e microcar.”

    drivemycar’s Metin Kabay predicts that adding microcars to the carsharing platform’s portfolio will appeal especially to those who desire the sustainable advantages of a micromobility vehicle but also need the comfort and privacy of a car.

    “We are seeing a growing number of user requests for small cars to save space and energy, so we decided to add Microlino to our offering”, Metin said.

  4. Micro launches configurator for its long-awaited Microlino

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    Pricing starts from CHF 14‘990 incl. VAT in Switzerland

    Europe base price will be approximately EUR 12‘500 excluding VAT. Exact prices per country will be announced with the respective launch in that country

    A fully equipped Pioneer with a medium battery pack starts at CHF 20‘990 incl. VAT

    Swiss customers have to make a refundable deposit of CHF 500 to secure their spot on the waiting list

    Deposits in other markets will be launched step by step, depending on market entry in that country

    First test drive events will be announced at the end of June

    The Swiss company Micro has launched its long-awaited configurator today. The more than 30‘000 reservation holders are able to configure the vehicle starting from today. The Microlino marks a new product category between a motorbike and a car aimed to be a more eco-friendly and space-saving alternative to cars. With 12.5kW nominal power, 230l of trunk volume, and up to 230km of range, the Microlino is best in class in the European L7e and L6e vehicle categories. It also is the only vehicle in this category to have a unibody chassis, that improves quality, longevity, and safety compared to conventional tubular frames normally used in the L7e class.

    But not just its design and the features are unique: due to the light weight that enables the use of a smaller battery, the Microlino has only about one-third of the carbon footprint of a conventional electric car. In addition, the Microlino is produced in Italy and 90% of its parts are produced in Europe, making its supply chain more sustainable. “This is why the Microlino is probably the most sustainable weather-protected vehicle in existence”, says founder Oliver Ouboter.

    Along with the configurator, Micro is releasing the official list prices for the Microlino in Switzerland. Prices will start at 14‘990 CHF including VAT. In Europe, prices will start from approximately 12‘500 EUR excluding VAT. The exact list prices including VAT will be communicated closer to the official launch in the various countries. “Despite the challenges in the worldwide supply chain and multiplication in prices of certain raw materials and doubling in battery prices, we are satisfied to launch a premium and unique light electric vehicle at an affordable price“, says Co-Founder Merlin Ouboter.

    The launch edition is called „Pioneer Series“ and is limited to 999 vehicles as an homage to Micro being founded in 1999, with the invention of the first Kickscooter. It is available in two colors only available in the Pioneer Series called Torino Aluminium and Atlantis Blue. All Pioneer Series will be equipped with the medium 10.5kWh battery pack with a range of up to 177km, the sunroof for the ultimate Summer feeling, Infinity-LED Lightbars with integrated blinkers front and rear, premium vegan leather and Alcantara interior, portable Bluetooth speakers, the storage pack and will each have a unique number visible on the inside. In addition, they will all come with an original Micro Kick scooter in the trunk to cover the last mile. The Pioneer Series will have a price of 20‘990 CHF including VAT or roughly 18‘500 EUR excluding VAT in European countries. “The Pioneer Series is for the true Pioneers that want to help make mobility more eco-friendly and space-saving. Because let’s face it: we have to make mobility not only electric but also lighter and smaller“, says Wim Ouboter, who founded Micro in 1999.

    Swiss customers are asked to make a deposit of 500 CHF to secure their spot on the waiting list. Next, they will be selected based on their location, configuration, and reservation date to make their final order. Micro plans to do a series of test-drive events to make sure that as many customers as possible can test drive the Microlino. The exact dates and locations of these events will be announced at the end of June. By then, Micro will also give all details about the service and sales net in Switzerland. The first deliveries will take place from Micro‘s own brand center near Zurich this Summer.

    Customers outside of Switzerland can for now use the configurator and make a reservation without a deposit. Once deliveries in a market are near, these customers to have to make a deposit to secure their spot in the waiting line. The next markets that will be launched are Germany and Italy. First deliveries for these two markets are expected by the end of 2022.

    The company targets to produce up to 1500 vehicles this year in a factory that it is operating in Turin, Italy, together with its partner CECOMP. Eventually, the company will be able to produce up to 10,000 vehicles in this factory per year. “The demand that we see is huge and we are considering increasing our capacity even further in the future. For this year, we focus on quality, not quantity“, says Oliver Ouboter. The first customer deliveries in Switzerland will take place this summer, and German and Italian deliveries will start towards the end of 2022.

    All Technical Specifications:

    Max. Speed                                                                            90 km/h

    Acceleration (0-50km/h)                                                   5 s

    Nominal Power                                                                      12.5 kW

    Peak Power                                                                             19 kW

    Torque                                                                        89 Nm

    Range                                                                                       91/177/230 km*

    Batteries                                                                                   6 kWh, 10.5 kWh, 14 kWh**

    Charging Time 0-80%                                                           4h (6 kWh Battery)

    3h (10.5 kWh battery)

    4h (14 kWh battery)

    Battery chemistry                                                                 Lithium-Ion (NMC/NCA)

    Curb weight                                                                             435 kg (excl. battery)

    Seats                                                                                          2

    Trunk volume (l)                                                                    230 l

    *Preliminary data
    **Available Q1/23

  5. Update on Microlino production schedule

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    Release now scheduled for April/May – significant progress in Turin production facility

    After its successful IAA Mobility exhibition in September, Micro Mobility Systems now concentrates on setting up production for their highly anticipated ‘Microlino‘ in Turin.

    While the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the global supply chain has slowed preparations, impressive progress has been made on setting up a Microlino production line – click here for a glance into the facility.

    Current scheduling will see the Microlino delivered to customers for the first time in April/May, with a faster ramp-up of production later in 2022.

    Outside of the Microlino itself, the long-anticipated online configurator is close to finalisation and will be launched in February, closely followed by test drive events.

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