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  1. TAITO launches Indiegogo e-scooter kickstart campaign

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    Source: Indiegogo

    LEVA-EU member, TAITO, has successfully launched its e-scooter kickstart scheme through Indiegogo. The Belgian start-up aims to take commuters to their destination in a safer, more enjoyable, and efficient manner. The e-scooter incorporates a three-wheel design and a wide bamboo standing platform – these features allow riders to feel more secure as they travel.

    At the time of writing, TAITO had reached its primary funding goal of €20,000, with over a month remaining for additional backers and investors to join the campaign.

    Visit the TAITO kickstart page here.

  2. VanMoof raises $128m to make its high-tech e-bikes the new standard in cities worldwide

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    Leading e-bike brand, VanMoof, will invest funds into both their unique production and supply chain, and their consumer-first technology to engage millions more riders.

    • This is the largest ever Series C investment for a European e-bike brand and brings VanMoof’s total raised to $182 million (£132 million) in less than two years, making it the most funded e-bike company in the world.
    • The funding will be used to both expand production and reinvent the way in which hardware and software components are made, and make its high-quality, high-tech e-bikes more accessible to consumers.
    • VanMoof has grown its retail and service footprint from 8 to 50 locations worldwide over the last year, with sales of their e-bikes more than tripling in 2020.
    • Surge in demand shows the US is the fastest growth market for VanMoof, with the post-pandemic e-bike wave showing no sign of slowing down.
    • Global e-bike market is forecasted to be valued at around $48 billion by 2028, double the value it was predicted to reach before COVID-19.

    Amsterdam, September 1st, 2021 – Today, category-defining Dutch e-bike brand VanMoof, announced a $128 million Series C minority investment in a funding round led by Hillhouse Investment, an Asia-based private equity firm. These funds cement VanMoof as category leader and tipping point brand to drive worldwide e-bike adoption and help further its rapid global expansion. The company will use the funds to increase its production capabilities, continue the development of new technology, improve bike specs and reliability, and break down more barriers to cycling.

    Fresh commitment from investors

    Alongside Hillhouse Investment, the Series C funding includes commitments from Gillian Tans, former CEO of Booking.com, and existing investors Norwest Venture Partners, Felix Capital, Balderton Capital, and TriplePoint Capital.

    “We’re reinventing, redesigning, and re-engineering every component of the bicycle. It’s never been done before and will change how a bike is made, sold, and serviced forever. It will help us get 10 million people on our bikes in the next five years and our investors share in our vision of a smarter and cleaner mobility future.” Taco Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof. 

  3. Stromer Universe in Basel and Genk: Smart Speed Pedelecs for the commuters of tomorrow

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    Stromer once again successfully implements the in-house exhibition concept in 2021 and presents all innovations at a glance. In the “Altes Kraftwerk” in Basel (CH) and in the “Thor Central” in Genk (BE), trading partners and invited guests had the opportunity to talk to the management, market managers, product managers and marketing team of Stromer and to take a test ride of the new models in urban traffic. In addition to the special editions ST1, ST2 and ST3, the focus is on the new ST3 with Pinion gearbox and Gates carbon belt drive, as well as the groundbreaking Concept Bike 2022 with an extremely powerful 1440 Wh battery and a range of up to 260 km.

    After a successful premiere last year, Stromer decided to show its innovations “in-house” for the second year in a row. At the three-day “Stromer Universe” events from August 21 – 23 in Basel and one week later in Genk, the new Speed Pedelecs and accessories were presented in stylish locations. Different versions of selected models were available for test rides in urban traffic. Especially the new ST3 Pinion aroused great interest among the test riders. Tomi Viiala, Vice President Global Sales, put the ST3 Pinion to the test by riding from Basel to Genk (600 km, 5300 hm, 18 h riding time) in two days. His conclusion: “Test passed!” Both events were a great success with international partners and key accounts from DE, DK, F, GR and CH. And the end consumers also made good use of the opportunity to test the new Stromer models on site at the public days.

    The numerous guests enjoyed two unveilings during the evening events. The ST3 Limited Edition in the special San Marino Blue paint finish was presented with great enthusiasm. This was followed by the emotional unveiling of a global innovation: in an impressive laser show in Basel and a fascinating acrobatic show in Genk, the new Concept Bike 2022 for long-distance commuters with a range of up to 260 km was presented. The details of this bike that sets new standards for speed pedelecs will be shown to the public in spring 2022 – until then, the crucial component will remain a secret. The evening presentation and the introduction of the models were recorded so that Stromer dealers who were unable to attend the events could also learn about the new products.

    New products

    ST1 Special Edition

    Available from October 2021, ST1 now with integrated Daylight and OMNI C Basic, Special Edition with Stromer Antwerp Single Bag and special Deep Petrol paint finish

    The top-class beginner S-Pedelec with elegant design and reliable, powerful drive for modern mobility and maximum performance is now getting Stromer’s distinguishing feature: the Stromer Daylight. As part of this product update, the ST1 Special Edition was launched. Equipped with the largest battery, the standard range of the ST1 is doubled to up to 180 km. The Deep Petrol special finish and the Stromer Antwerp Single Bag (20 l) are additional features of this special edition. The strong rear-wheel motor silently and dynamically provides assistance up to 45 km/h. Connectivity (Smartlock, motor settings, statistics) works via Bluetooth. And now you can activate the SIM card via the app for a fee and get full connectivity including GPS localization.

    Stromer ST2 Special Edition

    Available from October 2021, with Kinekt suspension seatpost and Copenhagen Basket, optional suspension fork, special Ivory Cream paint finish

    Launched in 2020 with a low-maintenance belt drive, the ST2 has gotten a Special Edition: This edition is equipped with the most powerful battery for up to 180 km of autonomy, with a suspension seatpost, the Stromer Copenhagen Basket and a special Ivory Cream finish. The ST2 provides powerful propulsion with its belt drive, hub gear and 750-watt rear-wheel motor. The ST2 accelerates effortlessly to 45 km/h and offers great driving fun in commuter traffic– powerful, dynamic and almost silent. Full connectivity via integrated Bluetooth and cellular networks offers numerous options: from anti-theft protection with GPS localization to Smartlock, over-the-air updates, individual motor settings and statistics.

    Stromer ST3 optionally with Pinion gearbox and belt drive as well as ABS

    Available from March 2022 as Launch Edition, optionally with ABS, Imperial Red finish

    The ST3 with the Pinion drive option is an extraordinarily dynamic S-Pedelec that is ideal for daily use throughout the year. The customizable riding position and the smart extras ensure comfortable, efficient mobility in commuter traffic. This bike is extremely low maintenance thanks to the Pinion gearbox and Gates carbon belt drive. The 820 W rear-wheel motor silently and dynamically provides assistance up to 45 km/h, and the 814 Wh battery furthermore allows up to 180 km of autonomy. Connected via cellular network and the free app, this bike’s connectivity features GPS localization, Smartlock anti-theft function, individual sensor and motor settings, ride statistics and more. The Launch Edition is available with all options like ABS, suspension fork, suspension seatpost or even with Comfort stem. Further colors and versions in Deep Black and Cool White available from May 2022.

    Stromer ST3 Limited Edition

    Available from September 2021, with Kinekt suspension seatpost and Antwerp Double Bag, optional ABS, special San Marino Blue paint finish

    The ST3 Limited Edition is a special edition of the all-round model ST3, which has been upgraded with the following equipment: Special San Marino Blue finish, upgrade to the largest battery for a range of up to 180 km, suspension seatpost as well as the Stromer Antwerp Double Bag (2 x 20 l). The customizable riding position of this model and the add-ons ensure efficient mobility with plenty of riding fun in commuter traffic. The 820 W rear-wheel motor silently and dynamically provides assistance up to 45 km/h. Connected via cellular network and the free OMNI app, the connectivity enables GPS localization, Smartlock anti-theft function, individual sensor and motor settings, ride statistics and more.

    Stromer ST5 ABS

    The ST5 is the unsurpassed flagship of the Stromer S-Pedelec range: integrated design and exclusive high-end components such as fully integrated ABS, electronic Shimano Di2 shifting system, powerful four-piston brakes and a Supernova light system ensure efficiency and riding fun. Stromer’s most powerful rear-wheel motor (850 W | 48 Nm) with Sport mode delivers silent assistance up to 45 km/h for outstanding riding dynamics. The 983 Wh battery delivers up to 180 km of autonomy. The ST5 is fully connected and offers GPS localization, Smartlock functions as anti-theft protection, over-the-air updates and individual sensor and motor settings. The ABS prevents blocking and skidding of the front wheel while the roll-over protection keeps the rear wheel on the ground. Also available with suspension fork and suspension seatpost.

    Concept Bike 2022

    Available from summer 2022, with a battery capacity of 1440 Wh and a range of up to 260 km, special Gold paint finish

    The Concept Bike 2022 for long-distance commuters is a true global innovation. In addition to the new extremely powerful 1440 Wh battery which doubles the previous highest range for a Stromer Speed Pedelec, the bike also conceals a pioneering component. Details on the latest development will be revealed to the public in spring 2022.


    Stromer Antwerp Double Bag 2 x 20 l

    Waterproof polyester bag with 3 separate compartments, reflective logos, roll closure and Racktime Snapit adapter. Available from the spring of 2022.

    Stromer Berlin Trunk Bag 16 l

    Waterproof shoulder/pannier bag with large main compartment, 3 inner pockets, removable shoulder strap, helmet holder, reflective logo and pre-mounted Racktime Snapit adapter. Available from the fall of 2021.

    Stromer Copenhagen Basket 24 l

    Practical removable aluminum basket with comfortable handle, wooden base and pre-mounted Racktime Snapit adapter. Max. load capacity 10 kg. Available from the fall of 2021.

    Pirelli Angel WT Urban winter tires

    The rubber formulation and tread have been specially developed for the cold season – for extra grip on light coverings of snow and cold asphalt with slick surfaces. Features excellent puncture protection. Compatible with all current models.

    OMNI BT and OMNI app

    Starting in the fall of 2021, all ST1 models will come with an OMNI C display and will have an integrated daytime running light. The SIM card is not yet activated on these models. OMNI C can be used in a basic version with limited functions. As a second option you can also use the Stromer BT app, which communicates via Bluetooth. With a one-time upgrade to OMNI C, which is subject to a fee, ST1 riders also have access to the full range of functions of the OMNI C.

    myStromer AG Media contact: media@stromerbike.com | Fabienne Gilliéron, myStromer AG

  4. Bafang launches H700 built-in automatic dual speed drive system

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    LEVA-EU member Bafang introduces new H700 rear drive system for eCity segment – Clean, Compact and Dynamic

    As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eBike drive systems, Bafang is committed to providing the best motor and system solutions for a wide range of categories – whether for front-drive, mid-drive or rear-drive systems. In the third quarter of 2021, Bafang will launch the brand-new built-in H700 automatic dual speed rear-drive system – a clean, compact and dynamic rear motor as the core part that aids urban commuting for eCity segment.

    Bafang’s development team has been making constant innovations and improvements in the field of electric drive, and has successfully integrated the transmission into the motor through independent research and development – achieving a highly-integrated built-in automatic dual speed motor. The H700 rear motor is not only equipped with the deceleration system that Bafang is known for, but is also integrated with the automatic dual speed system subject to years of research and development. The motor automatically adjusts the gearbox ratio by detecting the speed of the vehicle during cycling, so that the rider can get a better cadence without manually shifting and experience greatly improved riding comfort without affecting the power of the motor.

    Meanwhile, the compact structure does not affect the overall size and shape of the motor. With a weight of 3.2kg, a maximum outer diameter of 136mm and standard OLD of 135mm, H700 rear motor can be adapted to the standard eBike sizes for both belt and chain transmissions. In addition, the motor wiring is on the left side of the outlet structure to enable a concealed harness inside the frame to avoid unnecessary scratches. While the H700’s 250W rated power meets legal requirements, with 32Nm of torque, it can easily ensure a strong performance for riders in daily commuting and leisure use.

    Bafang designed the system with a smooth and non-marking outer tube. The slender 10Ah intube battery and controller are integrated into the downtube to enable a more stable structure; the simple single-button display is embedded on the tube to result in easy operation and full release of the handlebar space, with its Bluetooth function as an option to enable cyclists with diverse application experiences; and finally, the high-precision torque sensor, independently developed by Bafang, lets cyclists enjoy a more relaxed and pleasurable trip during the workday commuting or on outings with friends on weekends.

    During the COVID-19 epidemic, healthy travel has become a common aspiration for the public, and the eBike, as a sign of low-carbon travel, is becoming a new riding fashion. The brand-new H700 rear-drive system launched by Bafang is built to focus on the concept of a clean bike to let you enjoy a free, relaxed and flexible travel experience even while cycling in crowded cities.

    The H700 drive system has been presented at the 2021 Eurobike, Bafang booth: A1-303

  5. BICAR looking for Pilot Program Cities

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    The company name “Share your BICAR AG” stands for the enterprise’s space-saving, CO2-emissions-free mobility solution for the “last mile” (i.e. short routes in metropolitan settings). Its founders – Hans-Jörg Dennig and Adrian Burri –  have already executed cooperative agreements with three cities in Switzerland. They are currently negotiating pilot operations arrangements with a number of other European municipalities.

    The administrators in charge of the mobility infrastructures of London, Madrid and Barcelona, Amsterdam, Antwerp as well as Gent and even Singapore have expressed keen interest in the “Share your BICAR” concept. They all have identified a significant added value in this option, which is ideal for year-round use regardless of the season and allows drivers to forego the helmet, unlike existing sharing models, such as scooter and bicycles. Good reasons for the City of Winterthur, the Regional Association of Baden Wettingen (RVBW) and the pick-e-bike sharing service of the Baselland Transport AG to sign cooperative agreements aiming at the deployment of the  BICAR vehicle as a pilot project in less than a year.

    Right now, the development team is feverishly working on version BICAR 3.0 –  the vehicle that meets all registration criteria for operation on public roadways and that is slated for use during the pilot phase. In conjunction with these undertakings, the enterprise can count on the support of the Alternative Bank Schweiz as an additional investor and has entered into cooperative partnerships with other Swiss companies (Kyburz, PostAuto, Bosch Car Service, etc.).

    The European Parliament and many European cities have decided to cut urban metropolitan fossil fuel driven automotive transportation by up to 100%. Goals such as these fuel the vision of Share your BICAR AG with even more passion: “Every BICAR vehicle used as part of the sharing model reduces  CO2 emissions by at least a ton a year and results in the expendability of eight cars,” says Burri. “In a joint effort with strong partners and investors who are eager to shape the future of metropolises with us, we will attain the goal of sustainable, CO2-emissions-free mobility.” Anyone interested in supporting the project is encouraged to reach out to the founders of Bicar, which is a LEVA-EU Member.

    Share your BICAR AG – Contact: Adrian Burri – Tel. +41 78 854 21 10 – Email adrian.burri@shareyourbicar.com – www.shareyourbicar.com

  6. LEVA-EU briefs members on anti-circumvention duties

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    LEVA-EU has provided its members with a detailed briefing on anti-circumvention duties and electric bicycles. The economic importance for businesses in the European electric bike sector to have correct and full details on this issue at their disposal is not to be underestimated.

    LEVA-EU will assist its members with further briefings on other essential electric business issues such as EN 15194, type-approval, the battery standard, etc. LEVA-EU is also in the process of preparing a list of FAQs.

    Interested but not an LEVA-EU member yet? The full list of membership benefits is here http://vijaydemo.ml/join-leva-eu/ and here http://vijaydemo.ml/leva-eu-service-package/ or contact LEVA-EU manager, Annick Roetynck, email leva-eu@telenet.be.

  7. Qwic’s first speed pedelec on its way

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    The Dutch company and LEVA-EU member Qwic is completing preparations for the delivery of their first speed pedelec RD10Speed.

    Fast and safe through the city. The QWIC Performance RD10 Speed has a maximum assistance speed of 45 km/h and is designed for urban usage. Speed, design and sportive charachter make this electric bike very suitable for daily use. The powerful rear wheel motor with power sensor in combination with derailleur gears provides a sporty driving experience. Fully equipped with hydraulic disc brakes with double caliper and brake interruption sensor, ensuring safety at higher speeds. The type-approved bike is equipped with a license plate light, brake light, side mirror, horn and anti-slip pedals.
    Qwic has been ranked number 478 among the 2017 EMEA winners for fast growing technology and was one of only 14 “clean technology” companies in the ranking:  https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/global/Documents/Technology-Media-Telecommunications/gx-emeafast-500-2017-rankings.pdf
  8. LEVA-EU welcomes CityQ as 24th member

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    The company CityQ has joined LEVA-EU as first Norwegian member, bringing the total number of members to 24 in 8 member states, next to China, Russia, Switzerland and now also Norway.

    CityQ offers a 4-wheeled vehicle that functions as an electric bicycle but which has 4 wheels and is covered. It can lodge 3 people plus luggage. The weather proof vehicle additionnally offers a solar pannel, app for booking, track and charging, as well as connectivity.

    CityQ enables high end, corporate e-biking services for businesses located in cities or maybe an alternative to cargo ebikes for families and urban lifestyle.

    CityQ is offered as a mobility service with partners within car-sharing, rental, leasing and property services. Limited edition and demos are available in 2018. Commercial delivery will start from 2019.

    CityQ is one of the 21 winners of IDTechEx Launchpad, an initiative that provides early stage companies with the opportunity to showcase prototypes and demonstrations of their new products at IDTechEx in Berlin on 11 and 12 April. This is the first time, the CityQ will be shown outside Norway. At this event, CityQ Morten Rynning will also speak about “Opportunities of Autonomous E-biking”, see https://www.idtechex.com/electric-vehicles-europe/show/en/speakers/12058/opportunities-of-autonomous-e-biking

    CityQ two riding

  9. LEVA-EU Member Santos looking for export manager

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    Dutch LEVA-EU Member Santos Bikes is a producer of high-quality bicycles enjoying  rapid growth. Santos’ focus is on trekking bikes and bicycles for commuting, but racing bikes and mountain bikes are also part of the range. In addition to conventional bicycles, Santos also produces e-bikes. All bicycles are designed and assembled in the Netherlands.

    Santos aims for absolute top quality and produces bicycles, which are fully customized.

    Today, Santos bicycles are sold through some 80 specialist dealershops, the majority of which are located in the Netherlands. Santos also has dealers in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Norway, Turkey and Australia.

    The company and its shareholders wish to expand the strong market position in the Netherlands to other foreign markets, including Belgium and Denmark, and they want to achieve growth in the market for company bicycles.

    Available position

    With a view to expanding their market position, Santos is looking to strengthen the team  with an entrepreneurial / commercial manager.

    The focus is on profitable, international growth. In this framework, structured contacts with existing dealers are important, but prospecting new, qualitative dealers is equally as important. The establishment and development of contacts (in consultation with dealers) with corporates and bicycle leasing companies is part of the tasks.

    Main tasks and responsibilities

    • Preparation and realization of an ambitious plan for international growth, in consultation with the Board of Directors / shareholders;
    • Adopting a commercial pioneering role within the organization;
    • Establishing and developing contacts (in consultation with dealers) with corporates and bicycle leasing companies;
    • Punctual and clear reporting to the Board of Director on a number of defined KPI.


    • Solid entrepreneurial attitude;
    • Commercial thinking and acting;
    • Willingness and competences to develop contacts both with local dealers and with larger corporates and leasing companies;
    • Ambition to realize international growth plan, preferably supported by previous experiences in this context;
    • Experience in the bicycle industry, preferably in a commercial role, is a strong plus;
    • Ambition to grow within the organization;
    • Commitment, passion and pride for the business, the products and the customers and employees;
    • Languages: Dutch, English and German.


    Please send your curriculum with a brief motivation to nina.desmet@crossint.eu
    Your application will be treated with the greatest discretion.
    This job offer is exclusively dealt with by our recruitment partner CrossInternational.
    More company and product information can be found at www.santosbikes.com

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