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  1. Autonomous robot trialled for last-mile deliveries in Helsinki

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    Electric parcel delivery robot will do the rounds for 1 month

    Source: TheMayor.eu and Forum Virium Helsinki

    Facing a growing population and increasing logistics challenges, the City of Helsinki has opted for a truly modern solution. The people of Jätkäsaari district will enjoy the opportunity to collect their packages from an autonomous and environmentally-friendly electric delivery robot, as part of a trial scheme lasting from November 2 to December 10 2021.

    The city has an innovation company called Forum Virium Helsinki, which has teamed up with the start-up LMAD, GIM Robotics, and DB Schenker, to find out how an autonomous delivery robot can facilitate improvements to urban logistics. It is specifically the area of last-mile delivery which presents the most challenges, and opportunities.

    As for the practical delivery of the service, customers simply select DB Schenker and the LMAD robot when placing an order. Much like any other courier service, they will receive a link for setting their delivery preferences, and at this point they choose their preferred time and location from a set route. When the robot arrives at that spot, it sends a code to the recipient, who can then unlock and collect the package.

    Antti Jarva, who is in charge of DB Schenker’s package business in Finland said, “DB Schenker is actively involved in the innovation of the logistics industry. In Finland, we have developed package pick-up points in particular to facilitate smooth flows of goods to various residential environments. We study the use of delivery robots as one pick-up point solution for densely populated urban areas”.

    LMAD is the company who operates the robot. Co-founder and Product Lead Gergely Horváth said, “For us, this is an excellent opportunity to test an autonomous delivery service with the residents of Jätkäsaari. We want to learn how our solution brings additional value to both residents and our partner, DB Schenker. Our aim is to offer a service that is a convenient, flexible and environmentally friendly option while simultaneously reducing logistics costs”.

    During the pilot, the robot is accompanied by an operator who ensures safe and smooth execution. Moving at walking speed, it employs sophisticated sensors and lidar technology, to observe and react to its surroundings, and stop for any obstacles.

    Photo credit: Forum Virium Helsinki
  2. New lightweight wheel for heavyweight cargocycles

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    LEVA-EU Member Alligt introduce their third 20″ wheel, CBW3 (Cargo Bike Wheel 3), made of high quality plastic with fiberglass. It is designed for the heavier multitrack cargocycles up to 600 kg with 4 wheels. After some further testing, Alligt is hoping to release it for a static load of 150 kg per wheel and for assistance up to 25 km/h. The weight of the plastic part of the wheel is 1.4 kg, the weight of motor plus wheel is around 5 kg.

    The first motor, which has been specifically adapted for this wheel has been produced by the Canadian company Grin Technologies. The details for the motor attachment were developed in consultation with GRIN. Alligt want to further cooperate with GRIN with a view to facilitating future lightweight cargovehicles together and adapting wheel and motor to future market demand.

    The first pair of wheels will be assembled in the GoLo, a new cargocycle developed by LEVA-EU Member Flevobike. These motors then sit together with the bottom bracket generator from Bike2.dk in one of the possible drive lines. The GoLo with CBW2 front wheels and CBW3 rear wheels can be seen at World of eMobility on November 18,19,20 in the Expo Haarlemmermeer.

    More features of the wheels including 3D files can be found at cargobike-wheels.com.
    For all further details please contact Leo Visscher, +31 321 337 838, leovisscherkorver@gmail.com

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