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  1. European grand alliance urges EU to find new ways to effectuate Green Deal

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    Source: The Mayor

    The Local Alliance, a coalition of eight leading networks of regions and cities from across the continent, is dedicated to advancing the sustainable interests of local and regional communities. In a joint letter addressed to EU leaders, the Local Alliance emphasises that the success of Europe’s Green Deal will depend on the provision of more robust support for cities and regions. They urge the EU Commission to maintain its commitment regardless of leadership changes following the elections.

    Specifically, the Alliance calls for enhanced coordination in investment support from EU national, and regional funds, ensuring responsiveness to locally tailored and holistic action and investment plans. Such support is deemed essential for creating local jobs and markets for the European green industry. Recent challenges, such as delays in passing the Nature Restoration Law and challenges in phasing out internal combustion engines, are undermining the Green Deal’s objectives. As European elections approach, the EU must ensure it remains a global beacon for climate leadership.

    With the complexities of forthcoming climate legislation, local leaders stress the importance of the EU’s commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, ensuring an equitable transition for all.

    Cities’ role in the green transition

    Cities and regions are where at least 70% of the European Green Deal legislation must be implemented. European local and regional governments have already begun transforming their communities, emphasising sustainable practices in various aspects of daily life. Today, the EU’s subnational governments mobilise around 58% of climate-significant public expenditures, surpassing their central governments.

    Cities and regions have proven their commitment to work with decision-makers at EU and national level to ensure a climate-neutral future for Europe. However, if the European Green Deal is truly to become a reality, the EU must empower local and regional governments with the funding, policies and cooperation mechanisms they need to ensure a just, resilient future for everyone,” said André Sobzcak, Secretary General of Eurocities.

    “European cities and regions have embraced the EU Green Deal and engaged their local communities in bringing about sustainable local change. We call on EU and national decision-makers to take the next step in providing clarity, financial support and meaningful cooperation mechanisms to help put policy into practice. In this EU election year, it is more urgent than ever to bring on board local governments as serious partners for shaping a sustainable, fair, democratic and just European future,” stated Wolfgang Teubner, Regional Director, ICLEI Europe.

    Local leaders highlight that partnership between all levels of government is key as “Financing the local transition to climate neutrality will require mobilising the EU and national budgets.”

    Improving skills

    Cities and regions need adequate in-house skills and a workforce to successfully do their part for the climate neutrality transition and by doing so, to create demand for European businesses and industries.

    The Local Alliance reaffirms its dedication to collaborating with national governments, the European Council, the Commission, and the Parliament to translate the European Green Deal into tangible benefits for all citizens.

    The Local Alliance include the following organisations Eurocities, ICLEI, ACR+, CEMR, Climate Alliance, Energy Cities, FEDARNE, and POLIS.

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