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  1. CIXI and Flevobike Technology unveil a revolutionary active vehicle

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    When innovations meet to take active mobility to a new level

    CIXI and Flevobike Technology unveil a revolutionary active vehicle

    The Eurobike trade fair in Frankfurt is an essential meeting point for all those involved in cycling and green mobility. CIXI, creator of Active Mobility solutions, which aims to transform passive commuting hours into pleasant moments of physical activity, crossed paths with Flevobike Technology, a cargo bikes manufacturer, at the event last June. A chance meeting that gave rise to a revolutionary active mobility solution: Flevobike’s GoLo, equipped with CIXI’s patented PERS technology.

    A collaboration that paves the way for a promising innovation

    The GoLo, developed by Dutch company Flevobike Technology, is a four-wheeled cargo bike designed for goods transport and urban delivery. The vehicle combines comfort and ergonomics, as well as loading capacity and practicality, with a lowered platform boot. Thanks to a hybrid drive system, which replaces chains and gearing system with a generator at the crank and motors in the rear hubs, Flevobike Technology has sought to reduce wear and tear and maintenance of the vehicle, while guaranteeing an enhanced driving comfort.
    “Given our respective positions, products and solutions, we quickly found common interests with the founders of Flevobike Technology when we met last June. They were looking for a functional chainless system to improve their vehicle, we had an innovative PERS technology to offer and wished to enter the cargo bike and intermediate vehicle market” Hugo ROULAND, Product Engineer at CIXI

    And so began a bold project, with a single objective in mind: to develop a functional PERS Technology x GoLo prototype for presentation at the International Cargo Bike Festival ICBF to be held in Amsterdam on November, 24. “A GoLo quadricycle was available and we agreed that it would be made available to us, so that our technical team could integrate a PERS kit on the vehicle and carry out all the tests and adjustments”, Hugo ROULAND continues. A European collaboration with a positive impact was launched.

    CIXI team testing the GoLo prototype equipped with CIXI’s PERS technology

    CIXI’s PERS innovation meets Flevobike’s evolutionary GoLo

    ​The GoLo was developed with the idea of making this cargo bike even more sustainable, by facilitating the integration of third-party components that could improve its functionality over time. This is where CIXI’s patented PERS technology comes in. Since 2015, the company has indeed been developing an electronic crankset, with no chains or belts, which frees itself from the geometric constraints of mechanical transmission to adapt to any type of active electric vehicle. This innovative technology delivers outstanding performance with variable levels of effort, for real moments of pleasure, and travel with low environmental impact.

    “After dismantling the GoLo entirely to understand its structure, we were quickly able to install the 2 motor controllers commonly used on our bike kit and adjust the wiring from the motor controller to the PERS crankset installed at the front of the vehicle. The real innovation on this cargo bike is the battery used: a 48V AES allowing peaks of 120A over 3 seconds (compared with 60A on a traditional electric bike), which enables us to meet the power requirements of this vehicle designed for delivery” Charlie GALLOPIN, Engineer at CIXI

    By implementing its PERS technology on the GoLo, CIXI is helping to provide an enhanced, high-performance active electric vehicle.

    Product reveal expected at the International Cargo Bike Festival ICBF

    CIXI and Flevobike Technology will be presenting the GoLo equipped with the PERS system on 24 November 2023 at the International Cargo Bike Festival ICBF in Amsterdam. This will be an opportunity for visitors to discover the result of a fruitful collaboration, where know-how, expertise, creativity, and a taste for innovation have come together to make an even greater contribution to the development and growth of active mobility.
    For more information on this collaboration and on CIXI’s active mobility solutions, we invite you to talk to Pierre FRANCIS, Founder & CEO of CIXI.


    Nicolas KESSLER – PERS Program Lead


    (FR) ‪+33 7 62 05 83 78

    CIXI team testing the GoLo prototype equipped with CIXI’s PERS technology

    About CIXI

    Founded in 2015, CIXI is an innovative French company specializing in green active mobility solutions. In addition to its VIGOZ vehicle, CIXI is the custodian of the PERS electronic pedaling system, with no chains or belts, compatible with any type of vehicle to bring an active electric vehicle to life. Based in Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region, CIXI places respect for the environment as well as individual and collective fulfillment through physical activity and a healthier lifestyle at the heart of their mission.

    About Flevobike Technology – www.flevobike.nl​

    Founded in 1989, Flevobike Technology is a Dutch manufacturer of cycles, cargo bikes, parts, and accessories. The family-run company develops numerous prototypes, including the GoLo, a modular and adaptable cargo bike.

  2. AureusDrive expands partnerships and capacity

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    Swiss electric-bike manufacturer & retailer, AureusDrive, has confirmed exciting news for the last quarter of 2023. It has welcomed a new partner on board, and increased its own capacity.

    New partner on board

    The brand has greeted a new partner, Brunusbike, in Aardorf, Switzerland, an e-bike store that sells mountain bikes, gravel bikes, racing bikes, children’s bikes, city bikes, and scooters. The shop is now offering servicing for AureusDrive e-bikes, as well as test rides for the following AureusDrive electric models:

    • Power45 white, M
    • Comfort 25 black, S

    Brunusbike store in Aardorf, Switzerland.

    Company expansion

    AureusDrive also confirmed it added an extra 130 square meters of additional space, by extending its existing e-bike workshop, and building a new servicing and test ride room. This exciting move gives more capacity to produce bikes and support new and existing customers.

    The larger, extended workshop where AureusDrives’ e-bikes are now produced.

    The new room that AureusDrive has built for test rides and service.

    These latest developments are examples of promising news for the brand as it looks ahead to 2024. Learn more about AureusDrive.

  3. The answer to battery fires? Swifty’s new Go G500 e-scooter unveiled

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    Zag Daily speaks with Swifty’s co-founders about the launch of their new Swifty GO series and novel LFP battery design used in Teslas that is set to shake up the industry.

    British scooter manufacturer Swifty Scooters unveiled a brand new Swifty GO G500 e-scooter, with an innovative Lithium FerroPhosphate (LFP) battery that resists thermal runaway, at Micromobility Industries summit in San Francisco on Oct 19-20.

    Featuring Swifty’s signature 16-inch wheels, the mobility brand is adamant that this is the optimal choice and claims the experience of riding the Swifty Go is like no other due to its design choices.

    Its disk brakes, dual suspension to smooth out uneven terrain, indicator lights, and large deck for better stability means it is optimised for rider safety, handling and control.

    Co-founder Jason Iftakhar tells Zag Daily what inspired the Swifty brand name. “Swift birds fly close to the ground. They are acrobatic, fast and beautiful. That’s what we wanted to capture in the Swifty GO G500.

    The element of fun in the design is very important. That’s the essence of how we’ve built such a successful international brand. Riding is effortless. It’s fast and exhilarating like skiing or skateboarding, but anyone can do it, and nine times out of 10 they’ll come back with a smile.

    The fast-charging option gets to 80% in less than an hour and fully charges in three hours. A grip-twist throttle with comfort grips drive the 500W rear hub motor, reaching a top speed of 15.5 mph.

    A safer battery chemistry

    Perhaps the most unique safety feature is hidden at first sight. The 36V Lithium FerroPhosphate battery is tucked away underneath the wooden footplate. Different from Lithium-ion batteries, the LFP battery is known for its long life cycle, high charge efficiency, and that it resists thermal runaway which can lead to battery fires.

    Developed in collaboration with British battery manufacturer PMBL, the LFP battery is a welcome addition to the e-scooter market.

    Jason says: “LFP has never been used in an e-scooter before. It’s traditionally used in electric vehicles like Teslas or for battery storage in the grid.

    “It’s not massively used because the energy density is less than a lithium-ion battery which takes up around half the space. We’ve been able to crack that by putting it all under the footplate.

    “It’s going to shake up the market because unlike other batteries this will never catch fire. It is inherently safe. This is something that you can trust, something that you can charge in your home. You don’t have to worry about it.”

    The battery’s durability and longer lifespan means Swifty’s environmentally conscious riders can feel good about their choice while getting more value from their investment. Importantly, the G500 uses components driven by international standards. The perishable components like tyres and brakes are easy to source so the customer can fix and repair their scooter long into the future.

    Swifty’s supply chain also draws from more local British suppliers – the frames are made in Hertfordshire, the batteries in Devon and the scooters are assembled at its headquarters in Manchester.

    When including the battery, the G500 weighs 24 kg and has a max load of 150 kg to accommodate the weight added with the optional pannier rack.

    Camilla Iftakhar, Swifty’s other Co-Founder explains why including the panniers was a must for the design team: “It was crucial for us to address utility. If scooters are really going to replace short car journeys, they need to be able to carry some shopping. No one has ever addressed panniers on a scooter very well before, so we designed a pannier system which is massively expandable on the front and the back.”

    Designed to complement cycling and walking

    The G500 seeks to enable those who have barriers to cycling and walking.

    In a recent survey, Swifty revealed that 20% of people would consider an e-scooter because they don’t cycle, while 28% said their journey is too far to walk.

    We’ve been manufacturing scooters for 10 years now and I’ve learnt that while many of our customers just love the feeling of scooting, a significant group of them have found that riding a scooter has completely unlocked their mobility. It’s just so easy to ride, and using a scooter really has a transformative effect on their well-being. The promise of unlocking freedom and independence really does come in one package.”

    The e-scooter is setting a new standard in the industry. Despite the fact that private e-scooters are currently illegal on public UK roads, the co-founders are optimistic about the future.

    Safety gives people confidence,” says Jason. “By creating an e-scooter that inspires that confidence, we can spark effective change. I don’t believe in mandating change. I believe in inspiring change. That’s what we’re trying to achieve.

    The first 100 scooters will be delivered in April 2024. Prices for the Swifty GO G500 start from £2,499 and are delivered worldwide.

  4. 130,000 CAKE bikes for China, now contractually signed

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    The partnership between CAKE and Shanghai Forever enters the next phase with a binding contract for the Chinese market.

    Aside from Forever distributing CAKEs standard range of products, a country specific model is being designed and developed at the CAKE Stockholm HQs, hitting the Chinese market by H2 2024.

    CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of premium lightweight electric motorcycles, announces a momentous progression in its partnership with Shanghai Forever. Following the mutual agreement signed earlier this spring, the partnership now evolves into a firm contract. CAKE and Forever have initiated the development towards manufacturing and distributing the 130,000 bikes, in accumulated sales by 2027.

    This significantly important advancement serves as a milestone in CAKE’s ongoing strategic partnership strategy. This is particularly impactful within China—one of the most expansive and rapidly growing markets in the world.

    “The transformation from a firm term sheet to a final contract signed in ink is an important milestone. It amplifies our capability to roll out high-quality, long-lasting vehicles, and to further influence the electric wave in China. With Forever, we have the capacity to inspire millions through the CAKE spectrum of purpose, innovation, performance and high quality, catering for product longevity and a greener environment”. States Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of CAKE.

    The China specific contract is signed between CAKE and the Shanghai listed bike company Shanghai Forever, producing between 6-7 million motorized and non motorized units yearly. Aside from their commitment to the CAKE product line, a China specific model is being developed, to be launched during H2 2024, reaching 130K units in 3 years from launch date.

    “Going from a letter of intent to an actual deal is just amazing. The Chinese market is extremely large and filled with opportunities, especially in the development of green energy transportation solutions. We believe that the technology and user/environment focused design language of CAKE bikes, we are able to truly tap into this new frontier for growth. We’re ready and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve got planned,” says Chen Shan, CEO of Shanghai Forever

    As part of this next phase, CAKE’s current product line will be unveiled in Shanghai and across China, commencing in November 2023. Operations and logistics are already underway, with product shipments and the establishment of a CAKE marketing and product office at Forever’s headquarters in Shanghai.

    CAKE continues to widen its distribution network globally, cementing partnerships in several key regions including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South America, and Africa.

    130,000 CAKE bikes can reduce an estimated 90.000 tons of CO₂e per year in China, during the use phase charged with the Chinese average grid—representing a zero emission reduction of 79% compared to today’s gasoline mopeds. The emission reduction potential hinges on the electricity source used for charging; shifting toward renewable energy will amplify the savings substantially. Although China’s electricity grid leans heavily on coal, the efficiency of electric motors notably outperforms conventional internal combustion engines, reducing emissions compared to traditional gasoline mopeds. As nations globally take actions to bolster the share of renewable energy, the emission reduction potential from electric vehicles will significantly escalate over time.

    About Shanghai Forever

    With a history of more than 80 years, Shanghai Forever Bicycles is the largest Mono-brand bicycle retailer in China with its manufacturing excellence, exquisite craftsmanship and durability. In its 80 years of development, Forever Bicycles has made indelible contributions to the development of China’s industrial manufacturing industry and bicycle industry. In recent years, Shanghai Forever Bicycles actively participates in the digital transformation and e-commerce reform, pioneering and innovating in sales channels and product types, helping time-honored brands to rejuvenate, and has invested in public bicycle, bike sharing, health and fitness industry, intelligent E-Scooter etc.

    About CAKE

    CAKE is a Swedish maker of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles, and mopeds, with a clear mission to inspire towards a zero-emission society, by combining excitement and responsibility. The model range currently consists of five different platforms – the off-road beast Bukk, our versatile off-roader Kalk, the modular utility bike Ösa, the urban commuter Makka, and the strong and practical e-bike Åik. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories and configurations, CAKE is addressing a wide matrix of users and applications, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation. Along with numerous awards and recognitions for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other societal challenges, CAKE was identified as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company in both 2020 and 2021 and received the Time Magazine 100 most important inventions award in 2021.
    Explore with respect.
    Learn more about CAKE at ridecake.com

  5. Lacros announced asTweewieler Best Employer finalist

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    Souce: Tweewieler

    The independent professional jury of the Tweewieler Awards has announced Lacros as one of three finalists for the title of Best Employer of the Year 2023. They will go to the final on Monday 6th November with fellow finalists Atlas Bicycles, and Roto Two-wheelers.

    Bicycle dealers can attend the final on Monday afternoon, November 6, in the AFAS Atrium in Leusden, with free places for two of their employees. In addition to announcing the winners of the four Two-Wheeler Awards (Best Employer, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Most Customer-Friendly Shop and Two-wheeler Shop of the Year), an attractive programme has been drawn up around a variety of topics that affect the industry on a daily basis.

    Lacros: self-managing, mentally and physically fit teams

    Lacros has been an established e-bike manufacturer since 2009, with a team of passionate staff that assist customers with extensive info about their models with tailored advice, helping them to get the most value out of their bikes for years to come. Based in Schijndel, Lacros takes good employer practises more than seriously. For example, its employees are continuously trained individually (internally and externally), with self-managing teams that receive customized training, with mental and physical fitness being a key priority within the company. Stress is prevented as much as possible by efficient teamwork and a good work-life balance. The way in which Lacros has organized its personnel policy means that the company does not have to make much effort to find new employees; there is more supply than vacancies.

  6. Beat Your Car competition offers Delaware employees a Taito S1 scooter for sustainable commuting

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    At delaware, a leading company committed to the electrification of their fleet, sustainability is held in high regard. Recently, the company organized an exciting competition called “Beat Your Car,” encouraging employees to drive more economically than the standard consumption of their vehicles. The reward for the most environmentally-friendly drivers was nothing less than the impressive Taito S1 made by LEVA-EU member Taito, valued at €2590. This competition not only promoted greener driving practices but also marked a step toward a more sustainable future for delaware and the world.

    delaware’s Pursuit of Electrification

    One of the standout aspects of delaware is their dedication to the electrification of their fleet. Even before the “Beat Your Car” competition took place, the company had made significant strides toward a more sustainable future. With nearly half of their fleet consisting of electric vehicles, delaware showcases their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society. This initiative not only reflects their environmental consciousness but also demonstrates leadership in transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

    The “Beat Your Car” Competition

    The “Beat Your Car” competition was an exciting initiative that challenged delaware’s employees to drive more economically than the standard consumption of their vehicles. Participants had to monitor their fuel consumption and driving behavior, aiming to use their cars in the most efficient way possible. The goal was clear: reducing the ecological footprint of the fleet and promoting conscientious driving among employees.

    Winners of the Taito S1

    After weeks of competition and sustainable driving, there were ultimately some impressive performances. The employees who managed to drive their cars the most economically were rewarded with the Taito S1, an electric scooter valued at €2590. This prize was not just a recognition of their commitment to sustainability but also a way to encourage the winners to continue their green initiatives. Congrats to the two winners of the “Beat your car” competition. 

    A Message for the Future

    delaware’s “Beat Your Car” competition not only reflects their pursuit of a more sustainable future but also emphasizes the importance of conscientious driving behavior and the role individuals can play in reducing their ecological footprint. This initiative serves as an inspiration for other companies to organize similar competitions and encourage employees to drive more environmentally-friendly.

    If we all do our part, we can collectively build a greener and more sustainable world. delaware is a shining example of how companies can contribute to this goal, and with their efforts in electrification and conscientious driving, they demonstrate their readiness to embrace the future with open arms.

    Let’s hope that more companies will follow in their footsteps, and initiatives like “Beat Your Car” become the norm, rather than the exception, in the business world.

    Together, we can build a more sustainable future, one step and one mile at a time.

    Taito S1

  7. Become LEVA-EU member now and enjoy extended membership

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    The duration of LEVA-EU membership is one year. However, if you join between 1 November and 31 December, you can enjoy up to two months of additional membership. If you confirm and pay your membership now, it will run until 31 December 2024.

    To become a member, simply return this reply form, https://rb.gy/0ebl2 , completed to annick@leva-eu.com. You will receive the membership fee invoice, and once paid, the membership with all its many benefits will start running until the end of 2024.

    LEVA-EU’s main activities are twofold:

    1.            We help and assist our members in finding their way in the maze of EU Rules and Regulations. Our members receive exclusive information, which includes market data, legal information, briefings on a variety of issues relevant to them, etc. Furthermore, our members enjoy our individualised information service. We answer all questions related to light, electric vehicles for free. We have a very extended network and we give our members access to that network. We are always happy to connect people.

    2.            We work directly with the EU institutions for better regulations for LEVs. We are working as experts in CEN, ISO and IEC TCs, as well as in the following European Commission’s Working Groups:

    • Motorcycle Working Group, which deals with the legislation for L-category
    • Machinery Expert Group, which deals with the Machirey Directive/Regulation
    • Expert Group on Urban Mobility
    • Sustainable Transport Forum

    The main issue we are currently working on is the review of the technical rules for light, electric vehicles. We believe the current rules are inadequate and inaccurate. We have developed an extensive position paper with concrete proposals for a fundamental reform. We are confident that our proposal would allow for LEVs to achieve their full potential and to significantly contribute to making mobility sustainable.

    Other major issues on our agenda are the Battery Regulation, the Critical Raw Materials Act, the Right to Repair Directive and the review of the Driving Licenses Directive. All these legislative texts are of particular intrest to LEV-companies.

    You will find a lot more information on what LEVA-EU has to offer, here on our website, see “Who we are”, “What we do” and “Join us” in the top-menu of our homepage.

    The membership fee depends on the number of staff in your company. If you inform us of that number, we can tell you what the exact fee for your company would be. 

    Should you wish, we can set up a short introductory online meeting.

    Please note that membership fees are LEVA-EU’s only source of income. We don’t receive any subsidies from EU or national authorities. Should you wish, you can consult our financial details in the EU Transparency Register.

    We hope we will have the pleasure of welcoming your company as a member of LEVA-EU!

    The LEVA-EU Team: Annick, Bram, Eddie, Willow, Ineke, Dennis and Bruno

    Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

  8. Dott completes refurbishment of 10,000 e-scooters

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    Dott, the responsible micromobility operator, today announces the complete refurbishment of 10,000 of its shared e-scooters. The achievement will double the expected lifespan of those vehicles to seven years, cutting carbon emissions per kilometre by nearly 50%.

    The milestone coincides with the publication of Dott’s latest sustainability report, covering 2022 initiatives. Dott continued to drive down its CO2 emissions in 2022, reaching a total 63% reduction in CO2 emissions per kilometre since 2020.1

    Reducing our impact:

    The refurbishment project removes the need to purchase new vehicles, which has the biggest impact on Dott’s overall carbon footprint. Taking place in Lyon, France and Warsaw, Poland, the scooters are completely dismantled by a dedicated team of specialists, sorted into parts for either recycling, repairing or reusing and then fully renovated and painted. The 10,000 refurbished e-scooters are now supporting trips in Dott cities across Europe.

    Dott also advanced its recycling rate across its operations throughout 2022, sending 90% of all waste to be recycled, compared to 80% in 2021. The figure meets Dott’s 2025 target ahead of time, leading to a renewed, ambitious target of 95% of all waste being recycled in 2023.

    Supporting our teams:

    The launch of Dott’s ‘Ride Your Future’ programme in 2022 provides training to operations and ground teams across software tools, communication, management and organisation skills. Classes take place during paid, working hours, and in 2022 a total of 40 people have been able to develop new skills to further their careers.

    Tackling pollution in cities:

    Dott’s most mature cities now operate under 30 g CO2 per km, a figure which is equivalent to public transport,2 and close to reaching an overall target of 20 grams of CO2 per km ridden by 2025.

    Maxim Romain, Co-Founder and COO, Dott, said: “In 2022 we progressed towards mass adoption of our service, doubling the number of rides whilst continuing to drive down our carbon emissions. We have demonstrated our commitment to sustainability with a major refurbishment programme, fully rebuilding 10,000 e-scooters so far to double their lifespan, eliminating the need to manufacture more vehicles. By focusing on responsible operations we aim to keep generating a positive impact for our teams and the people living in the cities where we operate.”

    The environment and social impact are at the heart of every business decision at Dott. The micromobility company has set out its goals and progress at ridedott.com/sustainability.

  9. NEOMOUV gets inspiration for its e-bikes from the world of fashion

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    La Flèche, France, October 2023 – In a booming e-bike market, NEOMOUV stands out. Known for its cheerful, bubbly colors, the Sarthe-based brand now is taking things one step further by creating the position of an art director. Olivier Schaack, art director of TV5 Monde and a former member of the Canal + group, has been entrusted with this mission: to draw further inspiration from the world of fashion and contemporary trends for the bicycle as everyday object. NEOMOUV thus reinforces its uniqueness. To celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, the French brand has also unveiled two new artistic collaborations, with STOUL Peintresse and XKuz.

    In a booming e-bike market, it’s hard for new converts to two wheels to choose a bike and recognize a brand. NEOMOUV’s aim has always been to draw inspiration from fashion trends to make its bikes unique and recognizable at first glance.

    Continuing with this philosophy, the electric-assist bike specialist, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has taken a new step by creating the position of an art director, entrusted with Olivier Schaack, who brings extensive experience in the audiovisual and digital sectors to the job. Olivier Schaack spent nearly 20 years as art director for the Canal + group. He is currently artistic director of TV5 Monde. His mission is to structure NEOMOUV’s approach with rigor and consistency across all media, from bike frames to communication tools, campaigns and social networks. “A brand needs to be unique and stand out thanks to visual elements that create preference. When they succeed in doing so, some brands no longer need their name to be recognized. How can we do this for a brand of e-bikes, with its technical requirements and a public that is discovering or rediscovering cycling for environmental or economic reasons?” asks Olivier Schaack.

    The response is summed perfectly in NEOMOUV’s tagline: “The hardest thing is choosing the color” – color to stand out in a sector where dark tones, from grey to black, still dominate. “Some bicycle brands are recognizable by the design of their models and offer one or two iconic models. That’s not our market. We offer a wide range of twenty-six bicycle models (urban, folding, hybrid and MTB) for a broad public. From the outset, color, inspiring joy and pleasure, was part of NEOMOUV’s DNA,” comments Sophie Guieysse, NEOMOUV’s Managing Director. In the soft mobility segment, the brand aims to offer bicycles that are easy to use, reliable, affordable, and colorful.

    At the beginning of 2023, NEOMOUV presented its new, minimalist, but colorful logo: three strokes revealing an N, an M and a V in green, yellow and orange. For the bicycles, the color range has been reviewed and reduced to 16. “We have 12 permanent colors that are in harmony with the logo, and 4 colors that will change each year according to trends,” explains Olivier Schaack. The new colors will be in line with the latest collections from fashion houses and lifestyle labels.

    To realize its design vision, the company can rely on its own industrial facilities. In June, NEOMOUV acquired its Portuguese partner, UNIBIKE, a specialist in assembling and painting. This acquisition enables NEOMOUV to control part of its supply chain and deliver customized models in small series. “We already deliver bikes to local authorities in their own colors,” explains Sophie Guieysse.

    NEOMOUV, the e-bike purist, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with two artistic collaborations: contemporary urban art movement artist STOUL Peintresse and painter/plastician XKuz (Fabien Mazé). The two artists were able to express themselves on the ELAIA 2 urban model. The result: two unique bikes with artsy, urban designs to showcase the UNIBIKE’s experience in paintings.
    For more information on NEOMOUV, visit www.neomouv.com or on Social Media : https://www.facebook.com/neomouv and instagram.com/neomouv

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