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  1. MAHLE SmartBike Systems launches new portal for dealers

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    The MAHLE Digital Ecosystem is a new all-in-one solution for MAHLE’s dealer network

    MAHLE SmartBike Systems’ dealer portal includes exclusive functionalities and dealer-oriented content with sections catering to maintenance, working tools, troubleshooting, updates to firmware, and dealer support. An introductory video of the new portal can be found here.

    The portal will also provide access to the MAHLE Academy and an online shop, live training subscriptions, software updates, and a catalog.

    MAHLE’s dealers will be able to access the portal online on dealer.mahle-smartbike.com using the same log-in credentials that they use for the My SmartBike and SmartBike Lab apps.

    Companies that haven not registered yet as a dealer online can create an account on the login page. Once the account email has been validated for registration, MAHLE can confirm dealer status and grant access to their dealer portal.

  2. Stromer receives Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ Design Award

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    The Swiss e-bike manufacturer has received the highest praise from the Red Dot jury for its ST5 Pinion electric bike

    Swiss electric bike manufacturer Stromer’s new ST5 Pinion e-bike has received Red Dot’s highest accolade from design experts, The Best of the Best Award, highlighting its outstanding product design and quality to the world.

    This is not the first time Stromer has received a product design award of this calibre, last year its flagship ST7 received the same award, marking a successful few years for its e-bike product designs.

    Stromer ST5 Pinion, winner of Red Dot Best of the Best Award

    Stromer’s ST5 Pinion features an aluminium frame and fork, an 850W hub motor, and Pinion’s C1.9 Smart Shift internal gear system. It uses a Gates carbon belt instead of a chain, which is rare for a multi-gear e-bike. It also features Stromer’s state-of-the-art anti-lock braking system, which was developed in conjunction with Blubrake and TRP.

    Stromer’s latest award-winning model is a class 3 pedelec with a maximum assist speed of 45km/h and a range of up to 180km on a full charge. It is also equipped with a Pinion C1.9 drivetrain that provides riders with nine gears and can shift smoothly and silently, whether they are pedalling or standing still. Finally, it offers users an extra level of safety with Bluetooth connectivity.

    Read more about Stromer’s Red Dot Award Achievement.

  3. SUPER73 announces pre-order is live for its K1D best-in-class children’s electric balance bike in the EU and UK

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    SUPER73’s K1D offers regenerative braking to unlock confidence and freedom for kids while making riding safe and fun

    SUPER73, the American lifestyle adventure brand specializing in electric motorbikes, announced that European and UK pre-orders are available for its first youth series vehicle, the K1D. Developed with a perfectly complemented blend of fun and safety, the SUPER73 K1D offers a best-in-class electric balance bike option for kids ages four to eight. The K1D retails for €1199 on the SUPER73EU website and will ship to customers starting in July 2024.

    Available in four colorways, the K1D’s design was influenced by 80’s BMX and Motocross culture to create a neo-retro balance bike with a 60-minute playtime. Further separating itself from the competition, SUPER73 emphasized a technology-focused theme throughout the kid’s electric balance bike, including innovative technology such as regenerative braking and the safest battery in any kid’s balance bike.

    A critical feature of the SUPER73 K1D is the first-in-class, innovative regenerative braking, which is only available in this model and the soon-to-be-launched C1X. The basic idea of regenerative braking is that when a rider releases the throttle, the vehicle will use the electric motor to flow current back into the battery, slowing down the vehicle and charging the battery. This feature means longer-lasting brakes, more range on the battery, and an inherent safety measure put in place to further protect the youth who can modulate speed with the throttle alone.

    Furthering the safety protocols and technological innovation implemented in the K1D, the electric balance bike features a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFe PO4) that is resistant to thermal events, allowing riders to continue charging the battery in all weather conditions.

    The K1D’s battery charges in 45 minutes, exponentially faster than its competitors’ typical four-hour charge time. Additionally, Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries have two times the battery life than existing competitor’s batteries.

    SUPER73’s K1D:

    • Get Comfortable – K1D comes equipped with a motorcycle- and motocross-inspired seat style.
    • Ride in Your Own Style – Living up to SUPER73’s standard of high-end finish and design, the K1D features an exclusive hexagon pattern on the gum wall tires and the handlebar grips, making the throttle highly visible, while riders can choose between Blu Tang, Sriracha Red, Obsidian, and Prickly Pink color options.
    • Grow With The Bike – The K1D offers removable hexagon patterned foot platforms, removable and adjustable oversized pegs for two different positions, and multiple handlebar options to fit the height of riders.
    • Class Modes For Speed Modulation – Three different class modes allow riders to learn the fundamentals of an electric balance bike at a lower speed, and then boost performance as comfort and experience increase.

    Similar to our current offerings, two standard modes will be easily accessible by the rider, with a locked and secured third “Track Mode” mode for the more advanced competitors on closed courses.

    Through the launch of K1D, SUPER73 wants to help educate kids on appropriate rider safety at an early age by teaching them the proper way to ride, along with other safety measures from the start. As riders grow, they will graduate from the K1D to other SUPER73 models targeted at an older age demographic armed with the experience, knowledge, and education to ride properly and safely.

    For full details on the SUPER73EU activities, visit SUPER73.com and follow along on Facebook®, YouTube® or @super73eu on Instagram®.


    SUPER73® is an American lifestyle adventure brand based in Orange County, CA that develops products to help fuse motorcycle heritage with youth culture. Founded in 2016, SUPER73 has quickly grown into one of the most recognizable electric vehicle brands in the world with a passionate customer base including A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and many more. For more information, visit super73.com or @super73eu on social media.

  4. Shinga Lacros Scamper S600XL ranked ‘Best-in-Test’ for folding e-bikes

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    After numerous tests with the Fietstest.nl panel, this model has collectively received the highest scores in the folding electric bike category.

    Lacros‘ Scamper S600XL has once again been awarded the best in test by the panel of Fietstest.nl, with a high score of 8. This news highlights another triumph for the folding e-bike brand, whose Scamper S600XL also came out on top in 2022, with other models from the brand also receiving top marks from Fietstest.nl over the years.

    Lacros is delighted with this achievement, stating that this recognition “confirms the top quality and reliability of Lacros” and thanks its customers for their continued trust and support.

    The folding electric bicycle manufacturer has an experienced and passionate team that offers test rides, personalized advice on various models and maintenance checks. They also look forward to giving more people the opportunity to experience their latest range at trade shows this year.

  5. Fulpra unveils new 2024 models

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    The Dutch manufacturer of heavy-duty and large-volume cargo trikes has given an update on new models that will be launched soon, as well as discounts for current stock.

    Fulpra’s new 2024 models will be launched on June 24th, and will come with an updated design, suspension and weather kit. The remaining stock of Fulpra’s 2023 models and a number of lightly used and ex-sample cargo bikes are currently being sold at competitive prices.

    New Fulpra 2024 models and specifications:

    The following models also share the following features: a FULPRA E-XACT DRIVE™ (20% slope, 70km range), a front and rear suspension and “Key-less entry” sliding doors.

    Visit Fulpra’s website for full information about models.

  6. ICE Trikes achieves B Corp certification

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    UK recumbent trike producer reveals that its performance, accountability, and transparency have been verified to meet the high standards of this business designation.

    B Lab is a global movement that aims to redefine company success by balancing profit with purpose. It examines for-profit businesses to check if they meet stringent standards of environmental and social performance, accountability and transparency, to certify them with B Corp or Benefit Corporation status.

    ICE Trikes highlights that its B Corp certification emphasises the company’s dedication to promoting health and sustainability in everything it does with its purpose of making people smile through inspired cycle engineering. The brand scored 114.1 in its B Corp assessment that covers governance, workers, community, customers and the environment. ​

    ICE Trikes joins a group of other B Corps in demonstrating their high standards in social and environmental responsibility, and thanks the B Corp UK team for its continued support.

  7. Eflow officially launches company LinkedIn page

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    German shared mobility manufacturer extends its presence on B2B social platform

    Eflow aspires to improve the future of urban mobility with its extensive fleet expertise and high quality bicycles that can be modified to meet customer requirements.

    Its state-of-the-art bicycles, e-bikes and electric scooters offer a versatile, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional private transport, by working closely with companies, cities & municipalities to develop shared mobility solutions.

    The Eflow team has been fully committed to developing modern electromobility for over 10 years, and its products blend the knowledge, experience & passion from numerous experts including CEO, Bernd Adamski, who is a highly reputable figure in the bike industry, pro-triathlete Anja Ippach knows what matters to riders when they’re in the saddle and bicycle designer Norbert Haller is one of the most renowned in his field.

    Eflow invites mobility enthusiasts to follow its LinkedIn page to learn more about its exciting projects, latest developments and vision for the future of mobility.

    Eflow CEO, Bernd Adamski:

  8. Alternative to buying an e-bike: the electric retrofit drive

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    Source: Pendix

    E-bikes are popular but expensive. Recent studies confirm this. Electric retrofit drives, such as the Pendix eDrive, offer an alternative solution. They can be installed without major modifications and equip regular bicycles with the advantages of e-bikes.

    Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Germany, as shown by the SINUS Institute and BMDV’s 2023 Bicycle Monitor. According to the monitor, a quarter of respondents plan to purchase a bicycle or pedelec (electric pedal-assist bicycle) in 2024. Pedelecs, commonly referred to as e-bikes in Germany, are particularly favored, with 48 percent of potential buyers interested in acquiring such a bike.

    The amount people are willing to spend on these bikes averages slightly over 1,400 euros, according to the study. However, there’s a catch: e-bikes are generally much more expensive. EY, a consulting firm, noted in its 2023 bicycle study that electric bikes in Germany are among the most expensive in Europe, averaging around 2,800 euros per e-bike. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t deter cyclists from opting for electric biking. After all, there are alternatives in the form of retrofit electric drives. These are typically not only cheaper than buying an e-bike but also offer additional benefits.

    Electrical Upgrade for Your Favourite Bike

    One example of such a retrofit drive is the Pendix eDrive. It consists of a gearless mid-drive motor and a battery. Both can be installed on almost all frame models and types of bicycles with a so-called BSA bottom bracket. The motor is directly built onto the bottom bracket, while the battery can often be mounted on the screw holes for the bottle cage. For those who swear by their existing bicycle but still want electric assistance, this provides a practical solution: your favourite bike can be transformed into an e-bike in a short time. The familiar riding feel and appearance remain intact, essentially just upgraded.

    Move Further, Ride More Relaxed

    With the additional electric assistance, several things change, including increased range and agility. Motors like the Pendix eDrive provide pedal assistance up to a speed of 25 kilometres per hour. This allows for tackling longer distances or hilly terrain without the rider becoming overly exhausted. The Pendix eDrive offers three different battery options, allowing for ranges of 37 to 240 kilometres depending on the model, external conditions, and riding style. Charging time with a 160-watt charger ranges from two to three hours.

    Such a retrofit drive can also be adjusted to individual fitness levels. For example, the Pendix eDrive offers three modes, ranging from light, barely noticeable pedal assistance to up to 200 percent additional pedal power. This provides assistance in all riding situations, from leisurely rides on flat terrain to mountain crossings with steep inclines, loose surfaces, or strong headwinds. The optional app allows for further fine-tuning of assistance levels.

    The bicycle remains a bicycle

    If one wishes to engage in a more intense workout, the electric assistance can be deactivated at any time. Due to its gearless construction, a motor like the Pendix eDrive adds little weight when turned off, resulting in no significant pedal resistance. Additionally, the drive is completely silent, preserving the familiar feel of riding one’s own bike.

    A retrofit drive can also help bring together people of different ages and fitness levels. With individual electric assistance, the entire family can ride together on a spring tour without anyone feeling overwhelmed or left behind, whether it’s grandparents or parents with children on child seats.

    Support for Everyday Activities

    A retrofit electric drive not only provides a more relaxed and sporty riding experience on family outings or off-road adventures but also offers support in everyday life. Those who frequently transport groceries or work materials by bike or take their children to daycare will experience relief and arrive at their destination more relaxed and less exhausted. A retrofit electric motor like the Pendix eDrive is suitable for cyclists of all ages.

    Older generations, in particular, stand to benefit. Retrofitting without major changes to habits can provide them with greater participation and keep them mobile and active, whether running errands or pursuing leisure activities—hills, additional weight from bags, or long distances are no longer obstacles. Thus, the bike remains a constant companion in every stage of life.

    Uncomplicated Enhancement of the Bicycle

    In addition to the cost efficiency of the retrofit solution compared to purchasing a new e-bike, there are other economic aspects. The familiar bike experiences an increase in usability and resale value. There are also maintenance benefits. A system like the Pendix eDrive, with its gearless construction, is not only compact and lightweight compared to other designs but also wear-free and maintenance-free. This saves costs and ensures longevity. And if one eventually wants to exchange their current bike, transitioning to a new bike with the Pendix eDrive is simple.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be a used bike that receives an upgrade through the electric motor. Numerous manufacturers integrate such solutions directly into their factory models. Additionally, at partner retailers, a regular new bike can be purchased and equipped on-site with a Pendix eDrive. While retrofitting the motor and battery is relatively easy for those with DIY skills, the manufacturer recommends safe and reliable installation by a professional dealer.

    For more information on installation requirements, features, variants, and technical data of the retrofit motor, visit: https://pendix.de/edrive

    About Pendix: Established in 2013, bicycle drive manufacturer Pendix is part of the Pendix Group. Since its introduction to the market in 2015, Pendix GmbH’s employees have focused on the development and marketing of products such as the Pendix eDrive, the hub motor Pendix eDrive IN, and the integrated mid-drive Pendix gDrive. The drives, components, and bicycles are distributed or utilized by more than 750 authorized Pendix dealers, 37 bicycle manufacturers worldwide, and 35 industrial customers. Pendix is driven by quality, sustainability, reliability, and smart technologies, aiming to deliver the best possible quality and make a contribution to the environment. Since 2022, Johnson Electric International AG has been the majority shareholder of Pendix GmbH.

  9. SUPER73 outlines schemes to increase bicycle safety

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    Bicycle road safety and anti-theft measures available for SUPER73 customers

    American electric bike manufacturer, SUPER73, has announced that all of its bicycles can be insured with Interpolis, and will have the option to be linked with FRIS trackers, which enable real-time tracking for pinpointing stolen vehicles, whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

    SUPER73 has offered the FRIS tracker and mounting for free for April bicycle purchases. Customers have also been able to buy more bicycle safety products in its Amsterdam showroom, such as ABUS ART2-certified locks and a brand new range of helmets.

    The brand commits further to increasing the bicycle safety of its riders by organising traffic safety and awareness training for bike owners, parents, schools and cycling organisations. The training includes a basic induction to cycling rules, a group ride, and a demonstration of how to use the FRIS app for locking and tracking the bike.

    Visit the SUPER73 website to learn more.

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