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  1. Enabling urban vehicle concepts – Hirschvogel at Eurobike

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    Source: Automobil Industrie

    Vehicles should be emission-free, cities should become more livable. There is no shortage of ideas for tomorrow’s urban mobility. Whether it’s a cargo bike or a light vehicle, the problem lies in implementing the vehicle concepts in such a way that they are both qualitatively convincing and come onto the road at a competitive price. Only then will the mobility turnaround in the cities, and why not in the countryside, really pick up speed.

    Components for the requirements in the “light” vehicle segment

    The Hirschvogel Group would like to support vehicle suppliers along the way. The component manufacturer, which focuses on the automotive sector and is based in Denklingen in Upper Bavaria, has founded a micromobility business unit. In the “Future Mobility” themed hall at the Eurobike, the company will be presenting components that were specially developed for the requirements of the “light” vehicle segment, the so-called Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). The products are manufactured in a separate production facility. “This allows us to act flexibly and quickly from the customer-specific design to the start of series production and beyond,” emphasizes Michael Schleich, who is responsible for the new business unit. If the orders reach large series format, they are integrated into the classic production world of the industrialization specialist. The local-for-local production ensures short distances and secure supply chains in the European market.

    Ready-to-install axle systems

    The highlights at the trade fair include two axle systems that Hirschvogel has developed to series production based on its AXIMO component platform: an L2e axle for three-wheel vehicles, which enables new, dynamic driving behavior thanks to its innovative design and compact construction, and an axle set especially for two-track light vehicles L6e class. Both axles are ready-to-install complete systems and designed as load-bearing components. Due to the AXIMO modular principle, customer-specific adjustments, for example to the track width, the load capacity or the connection points, are easily possible. 

    A differential developed specifically for the needs of micro mobility can be integrated into the drive axles. It is small, compact and ensures harmonious cornering behavior in multi-lane vehicles. “Like many of our components, the differentials are massively reshaped. This has a positive effect on the material properties, i.e. the stability and service life of the components. In addition, less material is required, which leads to higher cost efficiency and lower component weight,” says Schleich.

    Lightweight aluminum bike components

    Bike components from Hirschvogel, such as cranks or bike dropouts, are also lightweight. In addition to forming, the multi-stage, complex further processing plays an increasingly important role in the production of aluminum components. Hirschvogel offers both from a single source.

    Trade fair premiere for the AXIMO electric drive

    Hirschvogel celebrates its premiere at the Eurobike, on the one hand as an exhibitor, on the other hand with the electric drive from AXIMO. The innovative, extremely robust direct runner was specially developed for the challenges of commercial use, for example in the courier or rental sector for cargo bikes or S-pedelecs. With its 60 Newton meters of torque, the rear engine has one of the best performances in this application area. It supports powerfully from a standing start both when driving forwards and when reversing, which is particularly important for heavily loaded cargo bikes. The innovative sensor technology is built into the engine to protect against moisture, dirt, careless handling and vandalism. According to the AXIMO modular concept, the drive can also be adapted to other light vehicles.

    “We are open to the ideas of vehicle manufacturers,” says Schleich. “The trade fair is a platform for talking to each other about how we can realize the vehicle concepts of tomorrow.

  2. Hirschvogel sets target on green mobility manufacturing

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    Source: Cycling Industry News, M. Sutton

    LEVA-EU member Hirschvogel is one of the world’s largest motor vehicle parts suppliers. Now, the auto giant shifts its focus towards ‘green business’

    In its move to compete in the green and light mobility market, including that of bicycles, the business has dedicated 67% of its 2021 investment into such sectors; this equates to approximately €174 million. For context, the group consolidated sales of €1.25 billion in 2018 and employs over 6,000.

    This new focus should come as no surprise after the group revealed some 70% of orders for parts won in 2021 were associated with ‘green businesses’, with this trend continuing into 2022.

    The focus is on green business, the “green” business around CO2 – emission-free mobility concepts. In order to ensure growth and employment at all locations for future generations as well, we are currently aligning the components business in the automotive sector with high pressure towards e-mobility and drive independence. At the same time, we would like to grow through company investments in related technologies and markets,” says Jörg Rückauf, the company CEO.

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