1. Freeflow Technologies set to begin production following £1.65m funding boost

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    Source: Cycling Industry News

    Existing investors have contributed a further £1.6 million in funding to see Freeflow Technologies, who produce electric bike motor drives, launch into Q1 2022 production.

    David Hemming, managing director at Freeflow Technologies told C.I.N., “This funding round puts us in production and ready to begin selling into the market from Q1 of 2022. 70 brands currently have our unit on their radar for integration and it may well have been more had mainland Europe been without Covid complications. I am looking forward to being able to travel with our demo units to introduce the system further next year.”

    He added, “Our investors could see that, despite the headwinds of the pandemic, that Freeflow has moved positively and at a time where opportunities exist in an exciting space. Freeflow Technologies is here to challenge and while we’ll start with some of the market’s more agile brands, in time we’ll come to feature on some of the industry’s blue chip brands. For e-Bike designers, we have a system that is very plug and play and can work in harmony with a brand’s existing battery or switch suppliers.”

    Boasting an ever-growing team and talent-pool, Freeflow Technologies is set to produce 2,000 mid-motor units via its Scottish production line in 2022. Having already been utilised in the Twmpa Cycles’ wooden electric bike, all eyes are watching to see where this UK motor will appear next.

  2. Freeflow Technologies partners with Twmpa Cycles on E-gravel bike

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    First all-British E-Gravel Bike unveiled at Rouleur Live show

    Source: Cycling Industry News and Twmpa Cycles

    Twmpa Cycles are known for their beautiful and sustainable ash-wood frames, and LEVA-EU member FreeFlow Technologies have partnered with them in the creation of a unique gravel bike that employs their new E-Bike transmission system to excellent effect.

    Based on the Twmpa GR 1.0, the E-Flow will have all the looks and comfort of the standard bike but include FreeFlow’s mid-drive transmission, which provides a FreeFlow ride when the system is not switched on, making the bike ride reportedly the same as a normal bike. It houses a battery in the lower part of the downtube, and the unique mid-motor system just below at the crank. A range extender water bottle option is also available. The patented Freeflow system is designed as a solution for manufacturers prioritising a compact motor size and weight, with the transmission weighing 2.5kg to 3.5kg. The battery adds between 1.5kg to 2.5kg, depending on the spec.

    FreeFlow’s development and design team has set a road map to connect the industry from manufacturer to local bike shop and the end consumer with its ETS system, so that it can be serviced and maintained by any local bike shop.

    Twmpa’s founder, Andy Dix, said: “We build frames from wood because we believe that it, and especially Ash, is the best frame material for all-road riding and bikepacking. Of course, we are proud of how it looks and that we get so many compliments on the design and styling of the GR 1.0. So, in building a gravel eBike, we wanted a transmission that would combine controllable power delivery and good battery life without changing the nature of our bikes. In FreeFlow, we have found that.”

    CyclingIndustry.News will carry a deep-dive article on the Freeflow Technologies motor system in its next print magazine, to which trade members can subscribe free of charge here. (Print is UK only)

  3. FreeFlow Technologies News

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    The ETS mid-drive motor, first introduced in October 2018 by LEVA-EU member FreeFlow Technologies has undergone a system redesign which, according to the manufacturer now brings an unrivalled power to weight ratio.

    The Glasgow based business, which will produce its first systems out of the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, has now launched a second investment round aimed at bringing its round motor to market. In the development of the bottom bracket-based motor, the company’s design team has registered three patents in 15 countries, with a further five pending.

    FreeFlow Technologies’ Managing Director, David Hemming explains: “We’re at the final stages of proving the concept and our Coventry production team will handle the first 2,000 units, after which time we shall outsource to Malaysia to ensure we improve on an already competitive pricing for our OEM clients. Lifecycle testing is going very well as well.

    The second funding round will expand the company’s ambition to serve a large number of global bike and automotive brands. According to Hemming,  the harmonic system has already caught the eye of some of cycling’s premium tier e-bike makers.

    This is a very attractive proposition for the e-bike industry in that it only takes just north of ten minutes to install and is incredibly easy to build a frame around. It’s alos a very efficient system  with a 50km range per charge, while using it on full power. Brands can play with bigger batteries to increase the range. The system’s simplicity is so efficient that when not turned on it rides just like a normal bike, a key design statement for us.”

    FreeFlow Technologies currently has 15 brands under NDA, 4 of which have moved to LOI for commercial agreements to launch with FreeFlow at their Eurobike 2020 stand.

    Find the article @ Cyclingindustry.news

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