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  1. Ellio Max named Velofietser’s “Best speed pedelec” 

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    Belgian cycling press Velofietser has compiled a list of the best speed pedelecs after receiving feedback from bike dealers and testing a range of mid and rear-motor models.

    It divided its speed pedelec round-up into the following classifications – those with a rear motor that have max speeds of up to 45km/h with fast acceleration, and speed pedelecs with mid-engines that have slower max speeds of up to 35km/h, that bring a steadier flow of power. They also included the aspect of customer budgeting during their judging process.

    The best speed pedelecs were considered using the following factors: design, weight, motor selection, battery choice and overall quality of its components.

    Outstanding and distinctive engine, features, and software

    Velofietser described Ellio’s range as “next-generation speed pedelecs, with every aspect of them being intricately designed with great detail.”

    It summarised rear motored Ellio Max’s unique engine, features and software as being its greatest assets, and highlighted its standout features that were missing from fellow competitors: a cruise control function that maintains the pedelec at a sustained speed without the rider having to pedal persistently hard, and its automating engine braking, that contributes to a more unique and safer riding experience.

    Ellio Max’s battery capacity was also complimented, with its 1150 kW being equipped to cover long distances of 40 to 150km depending on the driver’s activity and support, making it a suitable model for longer commuting rides.

    Best speed pedelec thanks to its outstanding quality and price ratio

    Velofietser applauded Ellio on the innovative and unique experience the Ellio Max offers, with superb cruise control and engine braking that will make riders forget about derailleurs or gears, and declared that riders can trust its superb after-sales service.

    It concluded that the Ellio Max was awarded “Best speed pedelec” because of its excellent price-quality ratio, and is perfect for those looking for an innovative and powerful speed pedelec, thanks to its advanced technology and ability to cover long distances. Read the full review here.

  2. Ellio reveals its new speed pedelec model, the Max

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    LEVA-EU member Ellio has unveiled its new Max model, which the company describes as a powerful combination of in-house expertise, innovation and insights from the Ellio Rider community

    The speed pedelec features integration of sustainable materials and components, including a Gates Carbon Drive CDX drive belts, hydraulic disc brakes and Ellio’s own two-wheel drive featuring an automatic gear-shifting system.

    Ellio says that the Max has been designed to get riders to their destination smoothly, every day, and is confident that, whatever the road conditions and distance, smooth and reliable commuting is assured.

    The Ellio Max can be explored further here.

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