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  1. Cargo Cycling announces new partnership with Delivery Mates

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    Dutch cycling brand partners with UK last-mile delivery provider to pilot its Chariot FS2 for eight weeks

    Delivery Mates will pilot Cargo Cycling’s state-of-the-art e-cargo trike, the Chariot FS2, which can carry up to 1,700 litres with a payload of 200 kg. It contains a vigorous cargo power dual-motor, with each of its rear wheels providing harmonious transportation. As a vehicle that aligns with the most up-to-date norms for heavy-duty cargo bikes, it is expected to merge easily into Delivery Mates’ operations.

    Cargo Cycling has already supplied its transport solutions for customers including DHL and Dutch Post, and now looks forward to increasing its accessibility across Europe with this new Delivery Mates partnership.

    This partnership with Delivery Mates has huge potential, given the quality of the service that Delivery Mates has built so far, we hope to form a productive long-term relationship with them” says Jeroen Beumer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Cargo Cycling.

    UK logistics provider, Delivery Mates recognized as an ideal partner for Cargo Cycling

    Cargo Cycling identified Delivery Mates as a leader in the last-mile delivery market with its innovative & efficient business model that has also made a mark in London, UK, aligning with the brand’s goals to increase the usage of its models in major European cities.

    “Delivery Mates really understands what it takes to make final-mile logistics work,” Beumer explains.

    “It’s not just about supplying a nice bike; the operational setup, maintenance and servicing infrastructure is also crucial. Then we have the vehicle with a really high uptime and a low cost of ownership, so the partnership is bringing together two parties at the top of their game.”

    Cargo Cycling is extremely confident in Chariot FS2’s quality as an e-cargo trike that’s making an impact with its durability and performance.

    As part of our partnership with DHL we have used IoT to measure the forces being applied on the bike,” says Beumer.

    “Based on that information we fully redesigned the Chariot, adding front and rear suspension but also reducing the total number of parts. We have then included a single set of mounting for the wheels which allows them to be replaced in two minutes.”

    Cargo Cycling’s team also invested in two welding robots to ensure the Chariot FS2 is strong and can be reproduced consistently with the highest quality, even for larger quantities.

    “The robots will allow us to boost volume by four times our previous level,It was a large investment, but it was a really important step as we enter the next phase of our development.” continues Beumer.

    Cargo Cycling’s expectations of Delivery Mate pilot

    The team expects this project to demonstrate the e-cargo trike’s value to the market, after a recent successful trial in Brussels, with enhanced uptime, fewer breakdowns, reduced maintenance, and quick delivery times thanks to its tilting system, that makes it appear more similar to riding a normal bike. Management believes this partnership will not only highlight Chariot FS2’s high efficiency but also its profitability too.

    More information about this new partnership and Cargo Cycling can be found here.

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