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  1. Applications open for International Cargo Bike of the Year 2023

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    Source: LOGISTRA

    HUSS-VERLAG and its LOGISTRA magazine are organizing the “International Cargobike of the Year” competition for the fourth time. This competition has become a recognized platform for showcasing innovations in the rapidly growing cargo bike industry. A panel of experienced bike logistics professionals will evaluate the numerous new products from the CABOTY candidates in a streamlined process. They will assess the models based on their suitability for commercial use, technical innovation, and overall cost-effectiveness across categories such as “Light Cargobikes,” “Heavy Cargobikes,” and “Cargobike Trailers.”

    The test days for the competition will take place at the Eurobike and the IAA MOBILITY events. The winners will be recognized at a dedicated award ceremony during the IAA MOBILITY.

    Applications for the competition can be submitted until August 14, 2023.

    To apply, visit the website here!

  2. TRA VISIONS 2024 contest registration opens to transport researchers

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    The Transport Research Awards offer accolades for young and senior researchers across 5 categories, plus an honorary award

    TRA 2024 (Transport Research Arena) will take place in Dublin, Ireland from the 15th – 18th of April and is the foremost European transport event covering all transport modes and aspects of mobility. The winners of two the two TRA Visions competitions will be announced at the 2024 event, along with an honorary awardee. The registrations are divided as follows:

    The TRA VISIONS 2024 young researcher competition: A young researcher competition seeking to stimulate interest among young researchers and students in sustainable transport. The registration period will be open until 30/06/2023.

    The TRA VISIONS 2024 senior researcher competition: A competition for senior researchers in the field of innovative transport concepts based on results only from EU-funded projects. The deadline for entry is 14th September 2023 23:59 CEST.

    In addition to the above, a “special honorary award” will honoring a “very” senior researcher who is about to complete or has already completed their career, and who has through the years made an outstanding and well-recognized contribution to transport-related research and innovation in their respective field.

    The organization explains,

    “Both competitions cover all transport modes (road, rail, waterborne, airborne and cross modality) in line with the EC policy objectives for smart, green and integrated transport. The S&T objectives are to nurture the best transport researchers in Europe, promote the alignment of their interests with those of transport stakeholders, encourage them to participate in the conference and celebrate their achievements. The process is two-way: students are inspired by the presentations at the main conference and mature researchers are inspired by the research and vision of the young.”

    The competitions are divided into five categories, each per transport mode, with participants being able to choose which of the ways they will submit their project:

    Road, Rail, Waterborne, Airborne, Cross-Modality

    Interested parties are invited to join a series of half-hour webinars which will detail the application process, timeline, and prize:


    8th, 13-13.30 CET
    17th, 13-13.30 CET
    24th, 13-13.30 CET


    1st, 13-13.30 CET
    8th, 13-13.30 CET
    14th, 13-13.30 CET

  3. TRA Abstract Submissions Deadline Extended to 29th May 2023

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    Source: Transport Research Arena

    The 2024 Transport Research Arena (TRA) is to take place in Dublin from 15th – 18th April, on the theme of Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility.

    The TRA is a major conference and showcases the latest advances in mobility across Europe and elsewhere. It includes technical and demonstrative programmes and addresses all modes of transport and mobility logistics. Industry representatives, policymakers and research bodies meet to discuss innovations, policies, logistics, and achievements in our mobility and transport systems with a common aim to improve it. The TRA have designed a programme that will allow contributions from anyone working in the transport and mobility sector to showcase their ideas and policies. Entries are now open here, and the updated deadline is 29th May 2023.

    Presentation Type

    Presentation summaries can be addressed to two categories:
    Oral and poster presentation
    Poster presentation

    The Programme Committee can adjust the submission types to coincide with the conference dynamics; oral may change to poster and vice versa. Authors of submitted pieces will be informed of any changes when the documents have been accepted by the committee, whose decision is final.

    Oral presentations will include Q&A opportunities. Posters will require to display a poster at the conference and be available for discussion during the view sessions.

    Full Paper Submission

    A full paper will be required from the author by 14th September 2023 or else it will not be included in the programme. Confirmation of acceptance by the committee will be sent in November 2023 and include instructions on submitting.

    Special Issue Publication

    During submission stages, authors can decide on whether they wish to include their submission in a special edition of the European Transport Research Review journal. Those wishing to be included will be required to provide a novelty statement. Reviews will be conducted by the editor from European Transport Research Review in a re-screening event before a full preview process. Highest scoring submissions will be selected for publication.

    TRAVisions Senior Researcher Award

    Any submissions based upon an EU funding research project can also be entered into the VISIONS Senior Researcher Award. Submissions must include an impact statement. Any previously published or presented submissions will not be considered for presentation.

  4. Submissions are open for The Eurobike Award 2023

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    Designers, developers, manufacturers and importers from the bicycle and mobility industry have until 14 April to submit products and innovations to the 2023 edition of The Eurobike Award.

    The Eurobike Award 2023, the renowned award for innovative and high-quality products in the bicycle and future mobility industry, will be presented for the first time at Messe Frankfurt after a one-year break and the relocation of the leading international trade fair Eurobike from Lake Constance to the Main River. For the first time, EUROBIKE is cooperating in the realisation of the award with the German Design Council, the design and branding authority in Germany is an experienced initiator of highly respected design awards.

    Industry professionals can take advantage of this unique opportunity at EUROBIKE, submitting products and project innovations in a total of nine categories – including newly established product groups such as light electric vehicles, digital solutions, and mobility and infrastructure concepts. The deadline for submission is 14 April 2023.

    Visit the Eurobike Award 2023 homepage, here.

    Winners can look forward to a large award ceremony and a central award exhibition in Future Mobility Hall 8. Awardees can benefit from the reputation of the EUROBIKE Award, being an advantageous marketing tool to position products on the market.

    Designers, developers, manufacturers and importers from the bicycle and mobility industry can submit their innovations – regardless of whether they are represented as exhibitors at EUROBIKE 2023 or not.

  5. Autonomy Mobility Startup Challenge open for applicants

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    Sustainable mobility network will reward startups that are bringing new innovations and enabling transformation in the mobility sector

    Autonomy Paris is billed as the world’s first trade show for mobility solutions, and the 2023 edition will award 8 winners in the 5th edition of the Autonomy Mobility Startup Challenge (formerly known as Funding the Movement). The aim of the challenge is to recognise and celebrate startups that are bringing new innovations and enabling transformation in the mobility sector. It is open to startups less than 7 years old presenting projects, products, solutions, ideas, or prototypes focusing on any of 7 sub-sectors below.

    Applications are open from now until November 15th 2022, and from these, 21 startups will be pre-selected to pitch during Autonomy Paris (3 from each sub-sector). At the event, 8 winners will be chosen by a jury, composed of mobility investors, strategic mobility players, and partners of Autonomy, to receive a prize (1 from each sub-sector, and 1 overall winner from the Public).

    For all the details and to apply, visit the Autonomy Mobility Startup Challenge landing page.

    1- Best Innovation in Smart Mobility Cities
    Re-engineering cities for the shift from motorist to mobilist: Expansion of public transport, e-charging, connectivity and new mobility infrastructure.

    2- Best Innovation in Mass Transit
    Backbone of Smart Cities Mobility complementing active and shared mobility to offer a realistic alternative to car ownership

    3- Best Innovation in Active Mobility
    Moving by human power with mechanical assistance in cities built for walking and cycling

    4- Best Innovation in EV Fleets
    Switching to electric vehicles, sustainably managing the charging of the fleet, optimising driving through route planning and telematics, thereby reducing road traffic.

    5- Best Innovation in Shared Mobility
    Transportation services that offer a range of vehicle types either concurrently or one after another.

    6- Best Innovation in Urban logistics
    Supply chain management that plans, transports, and tracks goods in the least energy intensive manner.

    7- Best Innovation in Autonomous Vehicles
    Driverless trains, trams, buses, shuttles and cars to reduce traffic and transport costs

  6. The 2021 European Mobility Week Awards winners are announced

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    Kassel, Rethymno, Tampere, and Valongo were revealed as European sustainable urban mobility awards winners

    This March, the winners of three award brackets were announced; the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK awards 2021; the 10th Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP Award); and the EU Urban Road Safety Award.

    The announcement was shared during a hybrid event based in Brussels, hosted by Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Transport and Mobility.

    Kassel (Germany) walked away with the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award 2021 for larger municipalities. Meanwhile, Valongo (Portugal) was awarded the title for smaller municipalities. The 10th SUMP Award was given to Tampere (Finland) and Rethymno (Greece) was revealed as the winner of the EU Urban Road Safety Award.

    For full details on the awardees’ achievements, visit the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK website.

  7. Sustainable Urban Mobility Awards – Winners announced

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    Source: Eltis, Hannah Figg

    Four European sustainable mobility champion locations were recently unveiled in Brussels by Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Transport and Mobility.

    The four awards and victors were; European Mobility Week Award 2021 for larger municipalities, Kassel (Germany); European Mobility Week Award 2021 for smaller municipalities, Valongo (Portugal); the 10th annual Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP), Tampere (Finland); and the EU Road Safety Award, Rethymno (Greece).

    European Mobility Week is an annual event, running from 16-22 September. Cities and towns across Europe can take this opportunity to trial new ideas, promote infrastructure and technologies, and track their own air quality. Residents become involved with and begin discussions surrounding sustainable mobility, heralding a social change towards a greener world. The event saw record-breaking levels of participation in 2021 with over 3,100 towns joining the scheme.

    Adina Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport, commended the award winners’ and finalists’ achievements, sharing:

    “I would like to extend my congratulations to the winners of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Awards as well as to all finalists. These cities have taken concrete actions to tackle transport emissions, noise, and congestion through innovative actions. With the new EU Urban Mobility Framework, we will support better planning of sustainable urban mobility, putting public transport, walking, and cycling at the core of local authorities’ efforts to improve people’s everyday lives.”

    For the full list of finalists, and an in-depth overview of their efforts toward sustainability mobility, view the Eltis coverage of the awards here.

  8. EU Green Capital & Green Leaf Awards 2024 – Application deadline extended

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    Source: Eltis, Conall Martin

    Originally scheduled to close on 25 March 2022, the EU Green Capital and EU Green Leaf awards have extended the application deadline to 28 April 2022, allowing an additional month for applications to be finalized.

    The two awards aim to amplify a simple message – Europeans have the right to live in healthy urban areas and cities should strive to improve both quality of life and environmental impact. The awards are bestowed upon cities that have taken impressive green action, with funding granted to further these actions.

    The EU Green Leaf Award is open to all cities and towns across Europe of population 20,000 – 100,000; up to two cities are selected as winners for this category. The EU Green City Award is open to larger cities with only a single winner selected.

    The objectives of the European Green Leaf Award are threefold:

    • To recognize cities that demonstrate a good environmental record and commitment to generating green growth;
    • To encourage cities to actively develop citizens’ environmental awareness and involvement;
    • To identify cities that are able to act as ‘green ambassadors’ and to encourage other cities to progress towards better sustainability outcomes.

    EU cities are assessed by a Panel of Experts on the basis of 12 environmental indicators:

    1. Air Quality
    2. Noise
    3. Water
    4. Sustainable Land Use and Soil
    5. Waste and Circular Economy
    6. Nature and Biodiversity
    7. Green Growth and Eco-innovation
    8. Climate Change: Mitigation
    9. Climate Change: Adaptation
    10. Sustainable Urban Mobility
    11. Energy Performance
    12. Environmental Governance
  9. Scott Sports ranks 2nd for dealer satisfaction in Germany

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    Source: SAZbike

    LEVA-EU member Scott Sports was awarded 2nd place for dealer satisfaction in Germany by SAZbike. The annual evaluation allows German bicycle shops to evaluate their experience with bike and e-bike suppliers. Participating stores ranked suppliers in 13 wide-ranging categories including communication, product quality, and sustainability; to be eligible for final placement each supplier must receive ratings from a minimum of 25 retailers.

    Congratulations to Scott Sports for demonstrating their consistency in dealer satisfaction, scoring higher than 17 other eligible suppliers to take the number 2 spot.

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