The following companies and organisations are members of LEVA-EU:


Bike2Business develops and produces (electric) bicycles for different partners, both companies and local councils, adapted to their requirements and with their own logo.

Bike2Business – Contact: Johan Huygens – Tel. +32 2 752 17 53
Email info@bike2business.be – www.bike2business.be

eFlow-LogoeFlow is a new brand, which however can pride itself on ten years of experience in electric mobility. The eFlow concept has been developed by  designer Norbert Haller from Berlin, an electric bike pioneer. Consequently, an eFLOW does not look like an ordinary motor-assisted bicycle. Drive, battery, sensor and control have been fully integrated in a bicycle which pushes you almost silently ahead. The patented seat tube is the backbone and power center of the bike, it incorporates the battery and it gives the bike reliable stability.

eFlow – Contact Bernd Adamski – Tel. 0049 911 766 006 90
Email bernd@eflow-europe.de – www.eflow-europe.de

KLEVER_LOGO_13°_ARTWORKSHOPKymco started 20 years ago with electric scooters. It has developed motorized 2-wheelers for half a century. Klever Mobility is set up under Kymco to become a leading e-mobility brand.

Klever Mobility Europe GmbH – Contact: Fritz Baumgarten
Tel. +49 2234 93342-0

Email fritz.baumgarten@klever-mobility.com –  www.klever-mobility.com

logomyStromer AG is a developer and manufacturer of high-end S-Pedelecs for urban use. The company sells premium e-bikes in the booming e-bike market under the Stromer brand since 2009. Stromer develops and distributes premium e-bikes designed for everyday use on a global basis. The Stromer brand is the synonym for top quality, fast and innovative e–bikes. Stromer bikes are designed as integrated e-bikes from the outset. Cables, touchscreen, light and battery are integrated into the frame.

myStromer AG Switzerland – Contact: Markus Eggimann – Tel. +41 848 23 00
Email markus.eggimann@stromerbike.com – www.stromerbike.com