Drive specialist Pendix is ​​expanding its product range to include the Pendix eDrive IN rear motor

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The Pendix eDrive IN comes onto the market as a standard version as well as an innovative serial hybrid version. The drive presented at the IAA mobility is a B2B product for the bicycle and micromobility sector.


The Pendix eDrive IN can be integrated into both single and multi-lane bicycles. The use of up to two motors is possible with multi-lane bicycles. This enables powerful support, even with very heavy loads.

Innovative serial hybrid variant: drive without chain

The transmission of power from the driver to the bike is becoming more and more complex in modern cargo bikes and other new types of micro-mobility vehicles: in some cases, up to four drive chains are connected in series. That is why the Pendix eDrive IN is not only offered as a variant for mechanical drive trains, such as chain or belt drives, but also as an innovative serial hybrid variant Pendix eDrive INs.

With the increasing complexity of vehicles, the number of components, wear, assembly and maintenance costs and efficiency losses usually increase, while the cost advantages decrease as a result. With the serial hybrid drive system, these disadvantages, as well as the installation space restrictions, are avoided, as the components in the drive train such as chainrings, pinions, chains, chain tensioners and, in multi-lane vehicles, the differential are eliminated.

Benefits of Pendix eDrive IN

At the crank, a generator picks up the energy generated by the rider and forwards it to the rear engine (s). The Pendix developers have further developed the proven mid-engine into a generator and thus created a reliable, powerful and coherent overall package.

But not only the serial hybrid variant is a real innovation. The Pendix eDrive IN also offers decisive advantages compared to the hub drives customary on the market up to now and their integration: Thanks to the modular drive concept, it can be integrated into different rim types. In a conventional spoked wheel, for example, the rotor does not take up the spokes directly, but is integrated via an intermediate ring that remains permanently in the rim. This enables simple, quick and service-friendly assembly and disassembly of the engine.

Like the previous Pendix eDrive, the new drive has all the smart functions. In combination with a Pendix battery and the Pendix.bike PRO app, configurations or diagnoses can be carried out. In addition, Pendix opens the system with the Pendix eDrive IN so that Pendix batteries can no longer be used exclusively. In order to meet individual customer requirements, the motors can in future also be operated with third-party batteries selected by Pendix. Even the app can be used with limited functions.

Production in Zwickau, Saxony

Manufacturers such as Santos Bikes, Muli and United Cruiser already rely on Pendix mid-motors for their e-bike lines. With the new rear engine, the company is now offering even more manufacturers an alternative to the previous systems on the market. Due to the production in the Saxon town of Zwickau as well as the cooperation with local and European suppliers, customers can rely on short delivery times and a trustful cooperation. This company policy has proven itself particularly with increased demand and material shortages due to the Corona crisis.

Thomas Herzog, Managing Director of Pendix, is pleased: “We could not have wished for a better setting than the IAA mobility for the presentation of the Pendix eDrive IN. The fair has missed out on a new concept and we are also breaking new ground with the Pendix eDrive IN. Corona presented us with some challenges, but despite all the circumstances, our well-rehearsed team has developed a high-quality and robust drive. With the rear-mounted engine, we can now offer our customers even more choice, with the usual Pendix quality.”

More information is available online at https://heckmotor.bike/

Text & Photo: Pendix

Source: https://www.velostrom.de/pendix-edrive-in-fuer-cargobikes/


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