One week left to register to the 2nd World Light Electric Vehicle Summit

Wednesday 15th November will be the last registration day for the LEVS, the 2nd World Light Electric Vehicle Summit to take place in Rotterdam 22nd & 23rd November 2017.  So, register today and do not miss the chance to enjoy 10% discount with the LEVA-EU promocode to be mentioned on the registration form.


Greenhouse gas emissions across EU drop slightly in 2016 despite transport growth

Source: EEA Greenhouse gas emissions across the European Union decreased modestly in 2016, according to estimates published in the latest climate ‘trends and projections’ assessments released today by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The estimates confirm that the EU remains on track to meet its emission reduction target set for 2020, but more work is [...]

European Commission study examines Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

Source: Civitas The European Commission recently published a study on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) that aims to assist policy makers in their implementation. UVARs are measures that regulate vehicular access to urban infrastructure. Examples include congestion charging, low-emission zones (LEZ), and restrictions on certain types of vehicles. A proliferation in the ways in which [...]

LEVS Rotterdam: programme unveiled

The 2nd LEVS, World Light Electric Vehicle Summit, will be taking in Rotterdam 22nd & 23rd November 2017. The programme has now been unveiled and can be found here: If you register through LEVA-EU on this page, simply by entering the promocode LEVAEU at the bottom of the page, you will receive a 10% discount [...]

New research: Comparing physical activity of pedal-assist electric bikes with walking and conventional bicycles

Highlights •        Compared physical activity of electric bike, conventional bicycle, and walking.• Lab tests calibrate energy and ventilation rates to heart rate for trial assessment. • E-bikes require less energy than regular bike (24%) and walk (64%) for same bout. • E-bikes require moderate (level, downhill) and vigorous (uphill) physical activity. • [...]

New research: Differences of Cycling Experiences and Perceptions between E-Bike and Bicycle Users in the United States

This new paper investigates the differences of the cycling experience and perceptions between e-bike and conventional bicycle users, using samples drawn from independent bicycle dealer customers. A total of 806 respondents in the United States took the on-line survey, including 363 e-bike-owning respondents. The results show that e-bikes play a more important role in utilitarian [...]

LEVA-EU notifies SWOV of factor 4 mistake in speed pedelec report

LEVA-EU has written to SWOV to point out that their recent report on the position of speed pedelecs on the road (see ) holds some incorrect information. Footnote 17 on page 16 of the report states: "According to European legislation the motors of speed pedelecs are allowed a motor output of 4000 W.  With that it is [...]