Dutch bike industry and cyclists want speed pedelecs on cycle roads

The trade assocation RAI and Dutch Cyclists' Association want speed pedelecs to be allowed to ride on cycling highways and on cycle along roads with intensive and fast-moving car traffic. As of 1 July 2017, all speed pedelecs should go on the road. They will only be allowed on those bike paths on which mopeds are [...]


LEVA-EU explains why BAGB – MCIA statement on electric mountain bikes is incorrect

In a press release of 17 May, the UK trade associations BAGB and MCIA express their concerns about information on electric mountain bikes published by Bike Europe. The associations state: “This (information) notes that electric bikes intended for off-road use can avoid the requirement to be type approved before sale, even if they fall outside [...]

New Bike Europe White Paper: Rules and Regulations on Electric Cycles in the European Union

Bike Europe has gathered all EU regulations on e-bikes, pedelecs and speed pedelecs. In the updated Whitepaper Bike Europe presents a manageable overview of all you need to know on e-bike regulations. It offers guidelines on pressing issues when designing, developing, sourcing, distributing and selling e-bikes, pedelecs and speed pedelecs on the European markets. Table [...]

City of Stockholm opens up public procurement for cargo bikes

Source Jeppe D Larssen - The CEO of MoveByBike writes: "Our dialogue and lobby with the city of Stockholm to remove truck-specific rules from the city's public procurement worked. In a new procurement regarding food-delivery for schools they added something like "does no apply for bikes" in Swedish. Also they split up the different schools so [...]

Certification of speed pedelec helmets for the Netherlands now possible

13-12-2016 - Following the publication of a Dutch standard for helmets for fast electric bicycles (45 km/h), NTA 8776, it is now possible to certify speed pedelec helmets to this standard both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. In cooperation with an expert group, the Dutch standardization organization NEN has developed the certification scheme NCS 8776 in which [...]

Are you ready for the new Type-Approval for Electric Bikes? Or are you still struggling?

AVERE Light Electric Vehicle Task Force may have the answers you are looking for. We are only a few weeks away from the definite application of the new type-approval system for electric bicycles. As of 1st January 2017, all new types of vehicles may only be type-approved on the basis of the Regulation 168/2013. From [...]