LEVA-EU on electric range test for electric bikes: may be relevant, but no legal obligation required

L-category vehicles in type-approval are currently exempted from the electric range test if their maximum speed is less than 50 km/h. At the request of Spain, the European Commission is now considering whether to introduce a specific test for these vehicles after all. Stakeholders had to submit their comments before 15 October, which LEVA-EU in [...]


European Commission study examines Urban Vehicle Access Regulations

Source: Civitas The European Commission recently published a study on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) that aims to assist policy makers in their implementation. UVARs are measures that regulate vehicular access to urban infrastructure. Examples include congestion charging, low-emission zones (LEZ), and restrictions on certain types of vehicles. A proliferation in the ways in which [...]

EP’s ITRE Committee votes for “right for the plug”, but whose plug?

The ITRE Committee in the European Parliament has voted in favour of electric vehicle recharging points in non-residential buildings. Furthermore, ITRE has supported the "right for the plug", which means than no tenant or co-owner of a building should be stopped from installing a charging point, unless there is a material reason for it. They [...]

LEVA-EU survey on electric range test for electric bicycles in type-approval

If you haven't participated in the survey on electric range yet, please do so, the survey is ongoing .  It only takes 5 minutes:  https://goo.gl/forms/YMvqvwtRbggY0pmw2 All electric bicycles, except those with power assistance up to 25 km/h and 250W, must comply with European type-approval (Regulation 168/2013). These electric bicycles, such as for instance speed pedelecs, [...]

LEVA-EU & Stromer write to Brussels Mobility Minister: don’t ban speed pedelecs on Carfree Sunday

The Brussels government has decided to submit speed pedelecs to the same regime as conventional mopeds for Carfree Sunday (17/09) and therefore not to allow them to enter the Belgian capital next Sunday. Both LEVA-EU and LEVA-EU member Stromer have written to the Brussels Mobility Minister, Pascal Smet. They made an appeal to recognize speed [...]

LEVA-EU and Bike Europe Information Meeting at Eurobike: electric bike companies still have many questions on electric bike rules

At Eurobike, LEVA-EU and Bike Europe organized an information meeting on electric bikes. In the EU these are subject to a lot of complicated rules: type-approval, CE-standards, the Machinery Directive, helmet obligation, insurance, traffic code, ...  Companies which are manufacturing, distributing or selling electric bikes in Europe may well get lost in this maze of [...]

Why Northern Ireland is in a mess over pedelec regulations

People in Northern Ireland who are using or would like to use a pedal assisted electric bike 25 km/h-250W have to put up with a few legal hurdles. Whilst the rest of the European Union categorizes these vehicles as bicycles, Northern Ireland, in a fit of insanity, decided otherwise and categorized the vehicle as a [...]