Why Northern Ireland is in a mess over pedelec regulations

People in Northern Ireland who are using or would like to use a pedal assisted electric bike 25 km/h-250W have to put up with a few legal hurdles. Whilst the rest of the European Union categorizes these vehicles as bicycles, Northern Ireland, in a fit of insanity, decided otherwise and categorized the vehicle as a [...]


Platform for Electromobility publishes position paper on charging infrastructure

Electro-mobility offers an unequalled solution to make Europe’s transport more efficient, less dependent on imported energy, low carbon, clean and quiet. Specifically, the electrification of surface transport will enable Member States to meet their greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for 2030 and to address the public health crisis arising from urban air pollution. The construction [...]

EU Transport Ministers sign a declaration on cycling as a “climate friendly” transport mode

In their declaration, the participants agreed on several concrete recommendations: Integrate bicycles into the multimodal transport policy; Encourage the Commission to equip itself with a "bicycle strategy", by integrating bicycles into existing initiatives in which they have a logical role to play, such as CIVITAS or Smart Cities and Communities; Set up a body within [...]

European Commission appoints AVERE as member of Sustainable Transport Forum

Following the adoption of the Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, the European Commission has launched the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF). The STF is expected to help the Commission to advance the application of the Clean Power for Transport strategy and to facilitate the implementation of the Directive. The STF shall assist the [...]

AVERE calls upon European Commission to make electromobility EU flagship initiative in Energy Union

One of the priorities of the new European Commission is the creation of a European Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy. The Commissioners are currently discussing how to create this Union and are expected to come forward with a strategy towards the end of February. In this framework, AVERE has joined forces with [...]