In Holland the Speed Pedelec is no Longer Seen as a Bike

What is written here about speed pedelecs in the Netherlands goes for all EU countries. Speed pedelecs have been categorized as mopeds in European harmonized technical regulations. However, member states have the competence to give them a special status in traffic law and for instance, allow them to ride where bicycles ride or exempt them from moped helmets, … The Netherlands are currently considering such measures. Belgium has already introduced them. Hopefully, other EU member states are to follow since the speed pedelec offers huge potential for sustainable mobility.


E-bikes are a serious alternative for the car to bridge commuting distances. The “problem” is: some of these e-bikes are simply too fast to be treated as a bike in normal traffic. In the Netherlands the average ‘back and forth’ commuting distance is 32 km. With the advent of 45 kmh e-bikes you can easily bridge this distance, even without sweating and get your necessary daily exercise in the process.

New legislation in the Netherlands has now categorized “speed pedelecs” as moped’s and as a consequence banned them from the Dutch bicycle lanes, you need a moped drivers licence and helmets are now obligatory.

[] – Ruim baan voor de supersnelle fiets helpt ook de trage trapper

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