New European standard in 2016 to Ensure reliability of personal electric vehicles

Source: AFNOR - At the initiative of France, a voluntary standard will provide safety requirements for personal light electric vehicles (PLEV) in 2016. A framework dealing with their use will also be developed for these new modes of urban mobility. After the electronically power assisted cycles (EPAC), now light electric vehicles (electric scooters) and selfbalancing [...]



On Tuesday 12 April & Wednesday 13 April, Amsterdam will host the AVERE e-Mobility Conference 2016, which will present the current state of affairs in the field of Electro mobility, as well as a perspective on the future including policy making, and industrial and scientific developments. The conferences and presentations will be inspirational, demonstrating best [...]

European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) to go online soon

Last year, AVERE won the European Commission tender to develop and manage the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO). AVERE, the European Association for Electromobility is coordinator and lead partner of this project. The other consortium partners are Polis,  a network of European cities and regions cooperating for innovative transport solutions, VUB and TNO as research and analysis partners and Tobania as [...]

Maltese Bicycling Advocacy Group wants governments New Year’s resolution on pedelecs

Local active transportation NGO the Bicycling Advocacy Group are asking the government to revise the policy on the restrictions on pedelecs such as registration and the mandatory helmets rule or else advise what action they will be taking to address the continued fall in ridership in the new year.   The group noted that in 2014 [...]