COLIBI and COLIPED merge to become CONEBI

The Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts’ and Accessories’ Industry (COLIPED), established in 1960, and the Association of the European Bicycle Industry (COLIBI), established in 1973, took the decision at the last General Assembly in Brussels on 19th November to merge into one entity and become CONEBI, the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry. The [...]


Public subsidies for electric vehicle fleets are important for adoption

Public subsidies are imporant in encouraging organisations to trial and expand electric vehicle fleets, according to new research. The study, based on interviews and reports from 17 organisations, found that the opportunity to test new technology was the most important factor in deciding to trial electric vehicles. However, some smaller independent companies chose not to [...]

2Seas Interreg Programme 2014 – 2020 includes “low carbon technologies”

2 Seas is a European subsidy programme aimed at stimulating growth and improving cohesion through cooperation in UK, Dutch, Belgian and French regions around the Channel and the North Sea. It is part of the European Cohesion Policy, which should bring all regions in Europe to a higher level of smarter, more sustainable and more [...]

All European rules and regulations on electric bicycles

The electric bicycle enjoys a growing success in many member states. With that however, the confusion as to the laws and regulations that apply to the vehicle is increasing accordingly. Bike Europe, the trade paper for the (electric) bike business has recently published a White Paper which explains all relevant rules and regulations. You can [...]