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What can LEVA-EU do for you?

LEVA-EU helps you to understand the LEV-market in Europe. Become a member to enjoy the following benefits:

Are you lost in the maze of European rules and regulations on light electric vehicles?

Are you looking for answers to questions such as:

  • What is type-approval, what does it cost and how does it compare to CE-marking?
  • Should electric mountain bikes be type-approved?
  • Can you produce electric cargo bikes with more than 250W?
  • Must speed pedelec riders wear a moped helmet?
  • Do speed pedelec riders have to have insurance and a number plate?

LEVA-EU has the knowledge to answer all above legal questions and many more on technical regulations, national rules on insurance, driving licences, helmet obligations, traffic codes but also on consumer guarantees, product liability, etc.

LEVA-EU can save you as a member a lot of time, thus money, to bring your products to the market or to ensure that your products are in line with legal requirements.

LEVA-EU is collecting information and statistics on the European LEV-market to give its members a better understanding of market trends and developments.

LEVA-EU membership offers you an extensive network:

  • Producers, importers, distributors of vehicles, components and accessories
  • European institutions including the European Commission and European Parliament
  • Academic/research world: universities, research institutes
  • LEVA trade press
  • Trade exhibitions and conferences
  • National and local authorities responsible for transport/mobility
  • Associations related to the LEVA-sector

LEVA-EU works for Light Electric Vehicles in Europe.

LEVA-EU is the only trade association in Europe that works exclusively for light electric vehicles. LEVA-EU gives its members a voice in European LEV advocacy. LEVA-EU monitors all EU legislation and policy-making that may be relevant to LEV-companies. In consultation with its members, LEVA-EU selects those issues, which are most relevant to the LEV-sector and developes and implements a European advocacy strategy. You can visit our News and Members News pages for the advocacy issues we are currently working on.

LEVA-EU offers its members free information on relevant European funding programmes such as the SME Instrument, which includes business innovations grants and free-of-charge business coaching, whilst the Fast Track to Innovation is aimed at supporting close to market innovation activities. We assist you in searching for relevant project calls and for potential project partners.

LEVA-EU offers its members preferential rates for:

  • Participation in LEVA-EU and LEVA events such as shows, conferences, networking dinners, …
  • LEVA-membership
  • LEVA E-Bike Technical Training Courses
  • Certain LEV webinars

Who can join LEVA-EU?

Any company, organisation or individual who has an interest in the European LEV-market and wishes to contribute in the framework of LEVA-EU to the promotion of LEVs.

Members can make full use of the above benefits free-of-charge. The LEVA-EU membership fee depends on the number of staff in your company.

Fill in the Join LEVA-EU form now to find out what the fee for your company would be.

We have a general enquiries form, where all queries are welcome, and if you would like to talk in person:

If you would like to read a bit more, your questions may be covered in our FAQs.


Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.


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