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  1. Oslo Metropolitan University is seeking PhD candidates for Cargo Bike Urbanism

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    Source: OsloMet

    Oslo Metropolitan University’s Department of Built Environment is recruiting for their PhD fellowship for Cargo Bike Urbanism.

    This exciting opportunity is a full-time, salaried position working with an international team committed to researching the power of cargo bikes in fostering sustainable mobility solutions. OsloMet University, Norway’s third-largest university, seeks a candidate for a PhD Fellowship in Cargo Bike Urbanism within the “Car-goNE-City” project. The initiative, funded by JPI Urban Europe’s Driving Urban Transitions program, aims to explore shared cargo bike mobility’s potential in transforming urban landscapes toward sustainable 15-minute cities. Affiliated with the TransFrUrban research group, the candidate will contribute to the Car-goNE-City project’s goals, including studying shared mobility in 15-minute cities, assessing cargo bikes’ role in reducing car use, and engaging residents in participatory design across European cities.

    The three-year fellowship involves collaborating with project partners, guided by a PhD supervisor at OsloMet, with the expected completion and defense of a doctoral thesis leading to a PhD degree. The position starts in Fall 2024., and offers the chance to shape the future of sustainable transportation.

    Click here to learn more about the position.

  2. Exotek all-terrain wheelchair features on Norwegian TV2 news

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    TikTok user Liv Tone Lind took the electric, all terrain quadbike out into the woods for a test ride with her service dog

    Source: LinkedIn, TV2

    Norwegian quadbike brand and LEVA-EU member, Exotek, made an appearance on national TV news as their Exoquad electric wheelchair was put through its paces by TikTok user Liv Tone Lind. The 50 year old posts details of her everyday life with limited mobility, and her service dog Hippi, on her channel MyHippiDog.

    Lind’s test ride featured not only on the TV news but also in an online article. There she told TV2 how she had not been out to enjoy a nature trail in over 10 years. As she navigated the rough and wooded terrain, with Hippi in tow, she shared:

    “The right to get out into the woods and fields – that’s the only thing I miss!…What a feeling, it’s absolutely insane!”, adding “This is absolutely fantastic!…I just have to have that chair, because that freedom means so much!”

    Eelco Van WeerdhuizenEelco Van Weerdhuizen, CEO/Co-owner at Exotek, shared the news clip on LinkedIn, saying

    “Fantastic to see an enormous positivity despite an extremely difficult situation. Liv Tone is a true example for many!”

    The makers write that Exoquad was made to be a tool for reclaiming outdoor inclusion and personal freedom. Their products are first and foremost intended for people with some degree of reduced gait function, but can be used by anyone, including people without mobility impairments.

    Exotek is Norwegian company founded in 2020 by Mattias Storvestre and Sigurd Groven. The intention was to develop an electric all-terrain vehicle for the mobility impaired. The brand is on a mission to bring nature and people back together.

    Watch the news piece in full over on Exotek’s LinkedIn page.

    Photo credit: Liv Tone Lind and www.cdn.tv2.no
  3. Podbike begins construction of final FRIKAR e-bike

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    The updated version of LEVA-EU member Podbike’s FRIKAR vehicle will incorporate all design and engineering changes from the last 12 months.

    Construction is underway at Podbike HQ in Stavanger, Norway, with the bike being slowly and deliberately built by hand. This precision allows the team to develop its compilation documentation during assembly; following this, the final model will be tested for a month. After a successful testing period, the pre-ordered models will be hand-assembled and the scalability of manufacturing will be analysed.

    When Podbike set out in 2016, it was predicted that their bikes would be commercially available some time ago. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, war in Ukraine, supply chain problems, funding shortfalls, and design challenges have continually set back the release date. For this reason, the team is not yet able to commit to a final release date. Despite this, the previously confirmed roll-out plan will be followed: FRIKAR will be delivered to pre-order customers in Norway first and then to customers in Germany in 2023. The model will launch in other European countries, one at a time.

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