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LEVA-EU – the guide of light electric vehicle business in Europe.

LEVA-EU is the only trade association in Europe that works exclusively for light electric vehicles, giving its members a voice in European LEV advocacy.

LEVA-EU can save you, as a member, a lot of time, thus money, by helping you to understand the rules to ensure that your products are in line with all legal requirements, which will make it easier to bring your products to the market.

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LEVA-EU has the knowledge to answer any questions relating to light, electric vehicles:



Technical Regulations: Reg. 168/2013, EN 15194, Machinery Directive, EMC, Battery Directive…


Trades issues: anti-dumping, anti-circumvention, rules of origin, end-use authorisation, duty suspension...


National rules on traffic codes, vehicles registration, insurance, driving licenses, helmet obligations…


Market information: sales statistics, EU-import, fiscal incentives for LEVs…


Other information: consumer guarantees, product liability, RAPEX…

Campaign success

LEVA-EU’s plea for removing the legal bottlenecks on light electric vehicles has finally been heard and the ongoing TRL research, requested by the European Commission, creates a unique opportunity to prove the need for fundamental change.

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Featured member

Podbike AS offer an active, zero emission and sustainable transport solution. The Podbike velomobile represents the next generation el-assisted vehicle that makes cycling attractive for more people, merging safety and comfort from cars with the benefits from cycling.

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