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Mike Radenbaugh built his first e-bike in 2007 as a way to get to high school and back, became totally obsessed, and founded Rad Power Bikes. For years he operated as a sole proprietorship, converting traditional bikes into electric bikes for local customers based on each person’s individual needs.

Mike always knew e-bikes were the future of transportation, and his childhood friend and college roommate Ty Collins thought so too. In 2015, they joined forces to bring Rad Power Bikes to the masses. They relaunched the brand as a direct to consumer business with their first manufactured model — the RadRover electric fat tyre bike (known as the RadRhino in Europe) — and have been on a wild ride of hypergrowth ever since.

Rad Power Bikes Netherlands B.V. is an electric bike manufacturer offering direct to costumer pricing on electric bikes and electric cargo trikes that are designed by our team in Seattle, USA. Because we sell direct to the consumers, they won’t see the large markup that would be present if they were buying from a third party, ensuring they’re always getting the best deal!

Headquarters & Locations

Seattle, Washington 1128 NW 52ndSt. Seattle, WA 98107, USA. 

Rijnzathe 16, 3454PV, Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Activity Description

  • From off-road adventures to daily commuting, Rad Power Bikes has the e-bike for you to suit your needs.
  • All-Terrain e-bikes: the majesty of the great outdoors combined with the power of an electric bike. What can be better? With rugged fat tyres, a reputation for sturdy handling, and a reliable 60-80+ kilometre battery range, our multi-terrain e-bikes are the open-air companions you never knew you needed. 
  • City e-bikes: yes, they’re great for commuting. But that’s just the start. These sleek urban bikes are your answer to endless kilometres of bike lanes and steep hills. If you’re looking for an uplifting alternative to sitting in traffic, these bikes are living proof that two wheels are better than four. 
  • Cargo and utility e-bikes: whether you’re shuttling the kids across town or hauling hardware for your big weekend project, you need a bike that helps you get the job done. These electric utility bikes are designed to help you get from point A to point B quickly, safely, and with your precious cargo intact.

Number of Employees

Rad Power Bikes currently employs 230 employees globally.

Mission & Vision

We want to offer an unrivalled customer experience with radical electric bikes that are built for everything and priced for everyone.

We envision a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.


  • We believe electric bikes have the ability to transform our communities and the way we live, and our entire team works together to make that a reality.
  • Values: we are RADICAL.
    • Responsible, to our environment, community and team
    • Accountable, we take ownership, bias to action, seek and provide feedback
    • Diverse, inclusive of experiences, backgrounds, skills, we value every voice
    • Innovators, we challenge ourselves and the status quo, we are original
    • Customer driven, completely, we do the right thing for our riders
    • Approachable, kind, we collaborate and are always willing to help
    • Learners, we grow our skills, we are humble and seek to improve


  • RadWagon 4: Winner, Best Electric Cargo Bike of 2020by EBR (Electric Bike Review).
  • RadRunner: Winner, Bicycling Magazine’s 2020 Editors’ Choice AwardBest Value Cargo Bike.
  • RadRunner: Winner, Best Electric Minibike of 2020by EBR.
  • RadRhino: Winner, Best Electric Fat Bike of 2020by EBR.

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