Koliken contact: Csaba Fekete, purchasing manager

Tel: +36 20 209 7800

E-mail: koliken@koliken.hu

Website: www.koliken.hu

Description of the company

One of the most important motivations of Koliken was to pass the enjoyable experience of motion and cycling to as many families as possible even when the company was founded in 1991.

Koliken has been built up step by step during long years and has become such a family company the owners of which are always proud of. It was started 30 years ago from the production of some bicycle tires and inner tubes. Thanks to the persistent and hard work, Koliken currently manufactures 350 bicycle models on 15.000 m2of production site, and it has sold more than 500.000 bikes.

Two main profiles of the company at stake are assembling of bicycles, and the retail and wholesale trade of bicycle parts. The European quality assembly line of Koliken is supported by its own paint workshop and plastic injection moulding machines. Therefore, Koliken can sell its locally produced bikes at the most competitive prices. The company is continually improving and designing its bicycles following the feedback from its 350 dealers, since every opinion is equally important. Besides, Koliken pays attention on saving the bicycle-loving families from the unnecessary profit-margin, so that its bicycles get directly to the customers from the assembly line. The company considers it important to be able to ensure the suitable bike for each member of a family, to the extent that everyone can choose the suitable bicycle for the own needs from the wide range of products, whether the production of Koliken is necessary for a weekend trip or going to work. Apart from the bikes assembled under the ‘Koliken’ brand with higher quality parts, you can find the bikes with ‘Biketek’ name at more competitive prices. Thanks to this, everybody can have the great experience of cycling. 

One of the main goals of Koliken in daily life and in the manufacturing technologies is to become „greener and greener” and to protect the environment, since the company would like its customers to spend a lot of wonderful moments in the nature. Koliken can cover 80% of its energy requirement with the up-to-date solar system, and it plans to reach 100% in the nearest future. 

Koliken wishes to sell not only simple sports equipments to customers. Its mission is to bring families and friends together for a common ride providing them with unforgettable experience.

Address and headquarter

Hungary, Kiskunhalas

Active in the field

Manufacture of e-bikes

Manufacture of conventional bikes

Contract manufacture of e-bikes

Contract manufacture of conventional bikes

Manufacture of plastic parts

Powder painting

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