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FreeFlow Technologies Contact: David Hemming
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FreeFlow Technilogies is established in 2012 as a company with a much wider goal this plan was refocused in 2018 when Foresight/Williams Advanced Engineering became the lead investor. 

FreeFlow e-bike motors integrate into bike designs with the smallest adjustments to the frame. The small size makes them ideal for every type of bike. The diameter of the motor housing is only 117mm in diameter. The motor sits behind a chainring as small as a 32 teeth in keeping with a conventional looking bike. The harmonic transmission provides a FreeFlow ride when the system is not switched on making the bike ride the same as a normal bike. The FreeFlow module system provides a compact battery solution allowing frame designers to have battery options either in a removable or in frame solution. This adds to the aesthetics of the bicycle and means the downtube diameter can be as small as 50mm.


We are formally based in the Midlands of the UK the FreeFlow Technology facilities is currently relocating to a new facility in Scotland, this location is still under review. The new global headquarters for the company will be opening in late October 2020.

Activity Description

FreeFlow Technologies primary design and technology advances are in the EPAC market, specialising in the design, development of a mid drive e-bike motor as an OEM provider to the bicycle brands. FreeFlow is a pre-revenue company with its scheduled launch for November 2020 at Eurobike with a number of brands. FreeFlows patented mid drive motor brings a wealth of USP’s to the brand that translate into a new user experience that in the words of one brand that is wishing to work with us “this will revolutionise the e-bike market”


FreeFlow Technology has a simple mission around making a transmission system, installed inside the frame makes the e-bike look like a normal bike and when the system is running or switched off its unique and patented Flexwave Harmonic drive system makes the e-bike ride like a normal bike. The company drive is to make its systems easy to install at production and easy to remove for the bicycle retailer and that this system can be serviced by the retailer keeping the consumer journey strong with the shop that sold the e-bike. 

Number of Employees

We currently have a team of 10 employees, when the new facility opens later in the year our head count will increase.


We want to provide the lightest most compact and efficient e-bike transmission system to the OEM market. With a focus on the wider LEV and green technology space.

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