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LEVA-EU Service Package

LEVA-EU Service Package

What can LEVA-EU do for you?

All services listed below are free for LEVA-EU members. Should you wish to make use of a service without joining LEVA-EU, we can assist you based on a consultancy fee. Please contact us for further details on consultancy conditions.

Information, advice & assistance on European legal and regulatory issues

In Europe, Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) are subject to a large number of laws and regulations. This concerns in the first place technical issues but also trade practices, safety requirements, traffic rules, terms of use for vehicles, … We are able to inform you on all these laws and regulations, as well as to offer you advice and assistance on how to comply with the rules.

  • Access to LEVA-EU briefings for members’ only. We currently have briefings on:
    • How to deal with anti-dumping duties against e-bikes from China
    • Duty suspension
    • Rules of origin
    • Motor Vehicle Insurance Directive
    • Information and instructions to be supplied with electric bicycles
    • Many more briefings to come
  • Individual assistance for instance for:
    • dealing with EU imports under dumping duty measures
    • dealing with type-approval requirements and type-approval services  for L1e-A and L1e-B (speed pedelecs)
    • dealing with any regulatory problem in one of the member states
  • Information on technical rules and legislation: type-approval (Directive 168/2013 et al.), CE-standards, Machinery -, EMC -, Battery -, WEEE – and RoHS Directives.
  • Information on other rules and legislation: consumer guarantees, product safety, product liability, …
  • Information on national rules: traffic codes, terms of use for vehicles: insurance, protective clothing (e.g. helmets, …), age limits, driving licences, …

Bridge with China

  • LEVA-EU’s Director of Chinese Affairs, Dennis Hu, is a native Chinese with experience in the business. He can assist with partner searches for European companies in China or for Chinese companies in Europe. He can also offer assistance with English-Chinese communication.
  • Close cooperation with Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Export of Metal and Electronic Products (CCCME)

Access to extensive LEV-network

Our network consists of the following LEV stakeholders and authorities/organizations/companies which are relevant for the LEV community:

  • Producers, importers, distributors of vehicles, components and accessories
  • Associations related to the LEV-sector
  • Academic/research world: universities, research institutes, …
  • Trade exhibitions
  • LEV trade press
  • Wider European electromobility community through the Platform for Electromobility (see below).
  • European Commission, European Parliament and Permanent Representations of the Member States
  • National and local authorities responsible for transport/mobility
  • Upon request we will make introduction of members to members.

Preferential rates

  • For participation in LEVA-EU and LEVA events: shows, conferences, networking dinners, …
  • For certain LEV webinars
  • For LEVA-membership in the USA
  • For LEVA E-Bike Technical Training Course

Publication services

  • Free publication of company details and logo on LEVA-EU website with direct link to your website.
  • Free publication of your company news on LEVA-EU website.

Access to LEV advocacy

LEVA-EU monitors all EU legislation and policy-making that may be relevant to LEV-companies. In consultation with its members, LEVA-EU selects those issues which are most relevant to the LEV-sector and develops and implements a European advocacy strategy.

LEVA-EU currently actively works on the following issues:

  • Technical regulations:
    • CEN TC 333’cycles’: LEVA-EU technical director, Bram Rotthier, and Annick Roetynck are experts in the TC, Bram Rotthier also sits on WG 5 “EPACs” and WG 9 “Cargobicycles”
    • ISO TC 149: Bram Rotthier and Annick Roetynck are experts in SC 1/WG 15 “EPACs”
    • type-approval for L-category vehicles, LEVA-EU is member of the European Commission’s “motorcycle working group”
  • Terms of use for LEVs: traffic code, insurance, protective clothing (e.g. helmets, …), age limits, driving licences
  • Review Machinery Directive
  • Review Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive
  • VAT
  • European transport policy

LEVA-EU currently monitors the following issues:

  • Battery, EMC, RoHs, WEEE, Low Voltage Directive & Battery Transport Regulations
  • Green Public Procurement Transport Criteria
  • Clean Vehicles Directive
  • Energy Performance Building Directive

European subsidy programmes

  • Free information on relevant European subsidy programmes such as Horizon 2020, Interreg, Erasmus+, …
  • We assist you in searching for relevant project calls.
  • We assist you in searching for potential project partners.

Further details on LEVA-EU




Specific European LEVA website with possibility to subscribe to automatic news alerts

Global LEVA website

Social Media
Twitter https://twitter.com/LevaEurope
LinkedIn To be created
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LevaEurope/
Exhibitions & conferences
Eurobike LEVA-EU and LEVA have a booth at Eurobike to inform companies on their activities and to foster networking
China Cycle Show
Related Associations
Recharge, CONEBI, ACEM, FEMA, FIM, ECF … LEVA-EU has regular contact with these associations and consults with them on relevant LEV issues.

For all further details, please contact:
Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU Manager
tel. +32 9 233 60 05 – mobile +32 475 500 588
email [email protected]

Chinese enquiries, please contact Dennis Hu at Make it China
email [email protected]
tel. +44 75 98 024  148.

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Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.


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