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LEVA-EU Service Package

LEVA-EU Service Package

What can LEV-EU do for you?

Information, advice & assistance on European legal and regulatory issues

In Europe, Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) are subject to a large number of laws and regulations. This concerns in the first place technical issues but also trade practices, safety requirements, traffic rules, terms of use for vehicles, … We are able to inform you on all these laws and regulations, as well as to offer you advice and assistance on how to comply with the rules.

  • Technical rules and legislation: type-approval (Directive 168/2013 et al.), CE-standards, Machinery -, EMC -, Battery -, WEEE – and RoHS Directives.
  • Other rules and legislation: consumer guarantees, product safety, product liability, …
  • National rules: traffic codes, terms of use for vehicles: insurance, protective clothing (e.g. helmets, …), age limits, driving licences, …

Access to extensive LEV-network

Our network consists of the following LEV stakeholders and authorities/organizations/companies which are relevant for the LEV community:

  • European Commission, European Parliament and Permanent Representations of the Member States
  • National and local authorities responsible for transport/mobility
  • Producers, importers, distributors of vehicles, components and accessories
  • Associations related to the LEV-sector
  • Academic/research world: universities, research institutes, …
  • Trade exhibitions
  • LEV trade press
  • Wider European electromobility community through the Platform for Electromobility (see below).
  • Upon request we will make introduction of members to members.

Preferential rates

  • For participation in LEVA-EU and LEVA events: shows, conferences, networking dinners, …
  • For certain LEV webinars
  • For LEVA-membership
  • For LEVA E-Bike Technical Training Course
  • 10% discount on ads in China E-V magazine

Publication services

  • Free publication of company details and logo on LEVA-EU website with direct link to your website.
  • Free publication of your company news on LEVA-EU website.

Access to LEV advocacy

LEVA-EU monitors all EU legislation and policy-making that may be relevant to LEV-companies. In consultation with its members, LEVA-EU selects those issues which are most relevant to the LEV-sector and develops and implements a European advocacy strategy.

LEVA-EU currently actively works on the following issues:

  • Technical regulations: review of the type-approval for L-category vehicles, LEVA-EU is member of the European Commission’s “motorcycle working group”
  • Terms of use for LEVs: traffic code, insurance, protective clothing (e.g. helmets, …), age limits, driving licences
  • Review of the Green Public Procurement Transport Criteria
  • Review of the Clean Vehicles Directive
  • Preparation of a new Energy Performance Building Directive

LEVA-EU currently monitors the following issues:

  • Technical regulations: CEN standards relevant to LEVs
  • European transport policy
  • Review Machinery Directive
  • Battery, EMC, RoHs, WEEE, Low Voltage Directive & Battery Transport Regulations
  • Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive

European subsidy programmes

  • Free information on relevant European subsidy programmes such as Horizon 2020, Interreg, Erasmus+, …
  • We assist you in searching for relevant project calls.
  • We assist you in searching for potential project partners.

Further details on LEVA-EU




Specific European LEVA website with possibility to subscribe to automatic news alerts

Global LEVA website

Social Media
Twitter https://twitter.com/LevaEurope
LinkedIn To be created
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LevaEurope/
Exhibitions & conferences
Eurobike LEVA-EU and LEVA have a booth at Eurobike to inform companies on their activities and to foster networking
LEVS 2016 – First Light Electric Vehicle Summit in Barcelona, Spain Presentation of a keynote speech
European Cycle Logistics Conference 2017 – Vienna Presentation: The Future of Electric Assist and cargo bike classification
Related Associations
Recharge, CONEBI, ACEM, FEMA, FIM, ECF … LEVA-EU has regular contact with these associations and consults with them on relevant LEV issues.

For all further details, please contact:
Annick Roetynck, LEVA-EU Manager
tel. +32 9 233 60 05 – mobile +32 475 500 588
email leva-eu@telenet.be

Chinese enquiries, please contact Dennis Hu at Make it China
email dennis@makeitchina.com
tel. +44 75 98 024  148.


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