Why should you join LEVA-EU?

Membership will give you a direct and active role in advocating and promoting light electric vehicles (LEVs) at European level.

LEVA-EU is in direct contact with the European institutions to discuss European legislation and policies that directly concern you. AVERE LEV-TF offers you the possibility to voice your opinion on that legislation and policies. AVERE LEV-TF offers you the possibility to get directly involved in the dialogue with the European authorities so that your interest are taken into account.

LEVA-EU offers you the possibility to meet colleagues and other interesting contacts (academic, political, related businesses, …) from all over Europe. You can network with them and exchange views on how to expand the LEV-business in Europe.

As a member of LEVA-EU, you enjoy an extensive service and information package.

Who can join LEVA-EU?

Any company, organisation or individual who has an interest in the European LEV-market and wishes to contribute in the framework of LEVA-EU to the promotion of LEVs.

How to participate?

  • European enquiries, please contact Annick Roetynck at LEVA-EU,, tel. +32 9 233 60 05, mobile +32 475 500 588.
  • Chinese enquiries, please contact Dennis Hu at Make it China,, tel. +44 75 98 024  148.

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