AEC 2024, Monaco – 13 / 14 November 2024

This year, AVERE and EVER Monaco are joining forces to build an event dedicated to sustainable mobility and renewable energies.

In an ever-urbanizing world, the challenges associated with urban mobility are becoming increasingly complex. To address them and pave the way for a more sustainable future, we need innovative solutions in the realm of e-mobility and urban parking. The AVERE E-Mobility Conference 2024 aims to delve into pivotal aspects of urban mobility.

The European Union’s unwavering commitment to combating climate change has ignited a transformative shift in the automotive and energy sectors. Lawmakers are shaping a new era by setting an end date for the internal combustion engine within the next decade. This visionary step paves the way for electric vehicles (EVs) to take the centre stage on European roads, heralding a cheaper, cleaner and leaner future.

AVERE, the European Association for Electromobility, wholeheartedly welcomes this commitment. It is a monumental leap toward reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and accelerating sustainable mobility.

While establishing a clear end date for combustion engines is a crucial milestone, it is equally vital to address the essential enablers that will empower the industry. Let’s collaboratively bridge the gap towards creating a future-proof and optimal electromobility ecosystem.

In this pivotal moment, AEC 2024 emerges as a crossroads for industry, consumers, and government to unite and elevate electromobility to the next level. AEC 2024 stands on five foundational pillars that will underpin a seamless transition to zero-emission mobility.

Each of these pillars will be explored through dynamic panel discussions, roundtables, and side events featuring prominent decision-makers, industry leaders, academics and representatives of the EV consumer community.

Besides thought-provoking discussions, AEC 2024 will offer invaluable networking sessions. These gatherings provide a platform to engage with industry pioneers, policymakers, and researchers, fostering collaboration and innovation.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us as a partner at AVERE AEC 2024. Whether as a sponsor or participant, your involvement is instrumental in shaping the future of electromobility in Europe. Together, we can accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility and build a cheaper, cleaner and leaner future for all.

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