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Be smart, join and support the LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip as a sponsor!

From November 3/10 – 2019, LEVA-EU is organizing the E-Bike Dealer Trip to China, in cooperation with NieuwsFiets.nu, the fastest growing news website in the Benelux, focused on (electric)bicycle related news. This business trip is focused on networking and exchanging knowledge and information for the European LEV-industry.

This brand new initiative of LEVA-EU is an ultimate networking event travelling through China and visiting visit Suzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In a cozy atmosphere we will offer the participants interesting opportunities to create new business, to expand their network of business relations and to acquire and share new knowledge of the LEV business. In addition to the important business part of this concept, participants will also be introduced to the beauty of China as a country, to its people, culture and cuisine. This Trip is the ultimate combination of business & fun.

NETWORKING MOMENTS | But the LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip is only possible with the support of sponsors. Sponsoring allows us to offer the participants this special business trip for a very attractive price.

As mentioned before we cooperate in this event with Arnauld Hackmann, owner of NieuwsFiets.nu, who has 12 years’ experience in organizing study trips for retailers to China and Taiwan, for already 12 years. “In the past these trips have proved themselves to be ideal networking events. Sponsors can maintain existing business relations and look for interesting leads to new business relations. All sponsors have had a good return on their investment in this kind of trips to Asia,” says Hackmann.

EXCLUSIVE | LEVA-EU seeks to offer you a similar opportunity. Because we want to guarantee every sponsor some exclusivity, we will limit the number of sponsor to a maximum of 6. Therefore we can offer you a unique business offer with 2 options. Both sponsor packages of the LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip contain a standard Exposure Package of 40 (!) banners, spread over two platforms: LEVA-EU and NieuwsFiets.nu. We can offer you two options.

Sponsor Package

OPTION 1: € 4.000,-

          40 BANNER PACKAGE

  • 12 newsletter banners of LEVA-EU
  • 12 newsletter banners of NieuwsFiets.nu
  • 8 website banners (1 week per banner) on leva-eu.com
  • 8 website banners (1 week per banner) on nieuwsfiets.nu

OPTION 2: € 5.750,-


  • One arrangement to join the group the whole week

(flights Amsterdam – China NOT INCLUDED)

  • 12 newsletter banners on LEVA-EU
  • 12 newsletter banners on NieuwsFiets.nu
  • 8 website banners (1 week per banner) on leva-eu.com
  • 8 website banners (1 week per banner) on nieuwsfiets.nu

As a sponsor of the LEVA-EU E-Bike Dealer Trip you have the privilege to invite business relations or extra colleagues, to join the trip. Please note that their participation will be charged at the regular rate, but – as an extra service – we can reserve options for you for a certain period.

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Annick Roetynck

Annick is the Manager of LEVA-EU, with decades of experience in two-wheeled and light electric mobility.


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