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This Weekend: Online LEVA Live Tech Training

LEVA-EU sister organization in the USA, LEVA organizes a technical training coming weekend! Be part of something great. Find below more information about the event or go to LEVA’s Facebook. Book quickly, there is only a limited number of spots available! 

Information about the event.

Date: June 27 and 28 from 8 AM to 12 PM Eastern Time.

Language: English.

Teacher: Ed Benjamin – chairman LEVA and lead instructor.

4 levels & technician certification for only $550: Full four levels + book (electric bike maintenance manual) + practice kit. Save travel time, expenses, and avoid #stayhome

To book your spot: Please make your payment to the Light Electric Vehicle Association Paypal via account me/levausa or [email protected]

Note: You can also do the theoretical part live online, to book for just $325.

About the Program
The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) E-Bike Technician Training and Certification Program consist of 2 levels of training and certification. The training has been developed for LEVA by Dr. Don Gerhardt and various LEVA members and e-bike manufacturers. The training is based on training developed on battery systems and electric vehicles for universities and community colleges by Dr. Gerhardt.

Edward Benjamin teaches many of the courses. He has worked in bicycle shops as a mechanic and store owner since 1969. For the last 20 years, he has been involved in sourcing and technical issues as a consultant to the industry.

The syllabus for the course is the same in any location or with either instructor. But the instructors will add material and information from their particular backgrounds. Dr. Gerhardt is more engineering and science, Ed Benjamin is more bike shop, bike mechanic, and maximizing profitability.

Daan van Dieren

Daan is a policy officer for LEVA-EU

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Daan van Dieren

Daan is a policy officer for LEVA-EU


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