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Pivot Cycles introduce Phoenix Dock Tool System

When LEVA-EU MemberPivot set out to design a sophisticated, Pivot exclusive on-the-bike tool system, they weren’t thinking “cleverly hidden”, they were thinking “NASCAR pit crew”.  With Phoenix Dock on a bike, mid-ride adjustments and repairs happen in mere seconds, and tools are always strategically located when necessary. Carrying high quality, full-feature tools is necessary on every ride, but weighing down the hydration pack, or wasting time extracting hidden tools, is not.

“We love the idea of on-bike tool storage.  However, many hidden tools take longer to access then actually completing the repair.  We wanted to design a system that makes accessing the tools faster than reaching into your pack,” says Pivot Cycles President and CEO, Chris Cocalis. “Now you can also have the cleanest setup and be the quickest to get back to riding or offer assistance to other riders in need.” 

Phoenix Dock tool kits can be installed on any bike with water bottle bosses, typically under or on top of the downtube. Bikes like the Switchblade have a third set of bosses under the top tube specifically designed for Phoenix Dock integration. Developed in collaboration with the industry-leading tool innovators at Topeak.

Topeak shares Pivot’s vision of innovation making them the ideal partner in creating super easy to access, high-quality tools worthy of being mounted on a Pivot.  The Phoenix Dock system offers three unique configurations to tailor on-the-bike tool storage.

Daan van Dieren

Daan is a policy officer for LEVA-EU

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Daan van Dieren

Daan is a policy officer for LEVA-EU


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