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Best LEV-Practices during Covid-19

Some parties come up with inventive solutions to deploy LEVs in the fight against the corona virus. Below is a list of such best practices. Do you know any initiatives that are not in the list below? Let us know by e-mail: [email protected]

Read more on Covid-19 measures in Europe @ourwebsite.

We will update this information regularly. Latest update: 05 May.

Stay safe!


  • More road space for cyclists in Vienna. Read more @Wien.orf.
  • Click and collect campaign by NOX Cycles to improve online business. Read more @Radmarkt.


  • A number of cargo bike suppliers in Antwerp rent their cargo bikes out to businesses that have to supply goods or services to customers. Read more @iBike.
  • Traffic lights in Brussels adjusted to the needs of pedestrians and cyclist during Corona. Read more @bruzz.
  • City of Gent in favor of expanded footpaths and cycleways. Read more @VRT.

Europe / Worldwide

  • LEVA-EU member QWIC deliveres their e-bikes for free now. Read more @QWIC.
  • Examples on how cities and micromobility operatores respond to the current situation. Read more @eBikeLabs.
  • How local authorities keep moving during Covid-19. Read more @PolisNetwork.
  • Funding by the New Zealand government for expanded footpaths and temporary cycleways. Read more @Stuff.
  • Research on sustainable urban mobility during Covid-19. Read more @Tumi.
  • Maintaining essential mobility during a pandemic. Read more @Eltis.
  • Creating space for cycling within 10 days. Read more @mobycon.



  • LEVA-EU member Carla Cargo offers free shipment of their bicycle trailers within the EU. Read more @Carla Cargo.
  • Rental bike provider Nextbike GmbH offers free usage of their fleet for 30 minutes. Read more @Radmarkt.
  • Temporary expansion of bicycle lanes during Corona in Berlin. Read more @Berlin. Find also a document with the setup for these bicycles lanes. Read more @berlin. 
  • Free of charge webinar about home office tools special for bicycle branche. Read more @radmarkt.
  • Nüwiel offers free use of their electric trailers for local organizations in Hamburg. Read more @Nüwiel.



  • More road space for cyclist in Milan. Read more @Citylab.
  • Building a future for active forms of transport like cycling in Rome. Read more @Lastampa.

The Netherlands

  • Private shopping at bicycle dealer Robert Schut. Read more @Tweewieler.
  • Overview of local initiatives and the roll of electric cargo bicycle logistics. Read more @Cargobikefestival
  • Rental of electric cargo bicycles at a reduced rate for small enterprises. Read more @Cargoroo.


  • Free bus services for health professionals in Madrid. Read more @Madrid.

United Kingdom

  • Free e-bike rental for NHS staff. Read more @Fully Charged.
  • LEVA-EU member Insync offers discount on a range of bikes for NHS staff and emergency service workers. Read more @Insyncbikes.
  • Free Glasgow Nextbike memberships and e-bike rides for NHS staff extended. Read more @Nextbike.
  • LEVA-EU member Wisper offers discount for NHS and all essential workers. Read more @Wisper.
  • ”Find an open bike shop” website launched by ACT and BA. Read more @bikebiz.
  • TfL considering more road space for cyclists. Read more @theGuardian.
  • ‘Pop up’ cycle lanes in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Read more @Scotsman.

United States

  • Find a round-up of intitiatives focussing on Active Transportation during Covid-19. Read more @newstransportation.
  • Find here a dataset on cities expanding walking and bicycling access during Covid-19, provided by Tabitha Combs. Read more @thedataset.

Daan van Dieren

Daan is a policy officer for LEVA-EU

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Daan van Dieren

Daan is a policy officer for LEVA-EU


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