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Flemish subsidy for ‘zero-emission-vehicles’ to be discontinued

The newly appointed Flemish government has decided to discontinue a subsidy scheme for so called ‘zero-emission-vehicles’. If you still want to make use of this arrangement, be sure to order a vehicle ultimately on 31th of December 2019. Registering/applying for the subsidy is still possible, if you have an invoice, up to 31th of October 2020.

This subsidy scheme is available for electric mopeds class b (including electric three- and four wheeled vehicles), electric motorcycles and electric vehicles category M1/N1. Vehicles that are not eligible for the scheme are e-bikes, speed pedelecs and electric light moped (class A).

The subsidies are only available for private persons, non-profits organisations, carsharing systems and license holders of taxi services. For additional information about the subsidy scheme, go to the Flemish governemental website (Dutch).

Photo credits: Zero motorcycles

Daan van Dieren

Daan is a policy officer for LEVA-EU

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