LEVA-EU briefs members on anti-circumvention duties

LEVA-EU has provided its members with a detailed briefing on anti-circumvention duties and electric bicycles. The economic importance for businesses in the European electric bike sector to have correct and full details on this issue at their disposal is not to be underestimated.

LEVA-EU will assist its members with further briefings on other essential electric business issues such as EN 15194, type-approval, the battery standard, etc. LEVA-EU is also in the process of preparing a list of FAQs.

Interested but not an LEVA-EU member yet? The full list of membership benefits is here https://leva-eu.com/join-leva-eu/ and here https://leva-eu.com/leva-eu-service-package/ or contact LEVA-EU manager, Annick Roetynck, email leva-eu@telenet.be.

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