EU dumping case on e-bikes from China: rumours

Have you heard on the grapevine that as of 20th April duties will have to be paid retroactively should definitive duties be imposed? These are the facts.

On 31st January, EBMA has submitted to the European Commission a request for registration of imports. On 22nd February, the Collective of Importers has requested the European Commission to reject EBMA’s request for registration. Further details are here:

To date, the Commission has taken no decision in this matter. So there is no registration going on, no registration pending, we are still waiting for the Commission to take a decision on this issue. That decision will be published in writing.

This is where the rumour comes from. The ultimate date for the Commission to impose provisional duties is 20th July. If these provisional duties are followed by definitive duties, then the Commission has the right to collect the provisional duties with a maximum of 90 days prior to the imposition of provisional duties. This however is on condition that the Commission has decided to register the imports, which is not yet the case. Consequently, the Commission has until 20th April to impose registration, should they want to be able to use the full 90 days prior to imposition of provisional measures for retroactive collection.

You can read the facts up to now on this case, here

The Collective finds it important to negate unfounded rumours because the case is already causing a great deal of unrest, upset and damage in the electric bicycle business. This should not be further fuelled by mere rumours.

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