Call for Papers: 23 rd International Congress for Battery Recycling ICBR 2018

September 26 – 28, 2018, Berlin, Germany

ICBR is the international platform for presenting the latest developments and discussing the challenges faced by the battery recycling industry. The 23rd edition of ICBR will bring together many experts and decision makers of the battery recycling value chain such as battery manufacturers, battery recyclers, OEMs from the electronic and e-mobility industry, collection schemes operators, service and transport companies, policy makers and many more.

Topics will be:
– How to recycle batteries from e-cars, e-bikes and other e-vehicles
– Recycling of batteries from energy storage systems of power plants
– Collection and recycling of cordless tools and electronic devices batteries
– Best available recycling technologies for batteries
Materials Supply in a Circular Economy
– Battery materials supply and demand or “when the recyclers meet the raw materials suppliers”
– The role of batteries recycling in a circular economy
– Eco-design: A critical approach for batteries removability?
– The e-mobility and energy storage markets: An opportunity for new battery
Transport and Safety
– Update of the transport regulation on batteries
– Safety of lithium batteries: Threats and opportunities
– Evolution of packaging requirements for lithium batteries
The Batteries Directive Revision
–  Update on the review process of the Batteries Directive 2006/66/EC
– The recycling efficiency of batteries: The need for a new “optimum” approach
– The collection efficiency of batteries: Considering urban mining and waste
– Challenges faced by the second life of lithium batteries: Performances, transport & safety and producer responsibility
– Impact of changes in hazardous waste regulations
Worldwide Activity Review
– Worldwide updates about batteries take-back, collection schemes and

Abstracts should be sent in by 31st January 2018. Further details and registration are here:

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