LEVA-EU welcomes 2 new members

The Russian company, eczo.bike, and the Danish company, Pro-Movec, have both joined LEVA-EU.

eczo.bike provides people with green, cost-effective personal transport for work and leisure. eczo.bike eases car to bicycle substitution for better mobility, ecology and health.

Danish Pro-Movec delivers excellence in the field of complete e-bike solutions, design, development, production, distribution and after sale service. Pro-Movec has a yearly turnover of € 12. million. The company produces 25,000 e-kits and e-bikes per year. Main markets are Europe and North America, which are served by the company’s 27 employees, based in Denmark, Germany and China, as well as various company partners.

Both companies joined to enjoy LEVA-EU’s assistance in the field of rules and regulations governing electric bikes. Furthermore, they want to join LEVA-EU’s efforts to promote LEV’s at European level and to raise awareness among European institutions, with a view to improve legislation and to further policies that take LEVs better into account.

LEVA-EU is the only trade association in Europe working exclusively for light electric vehicles. To find what LEVA-EU can do for your company, click here: https://leva-eu.com/join-leva-eu/

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