LEVA-EU survey on electric range test for electric bicycles in type-approval

If you haven’t participated in the survey on electric range yet, please do so, the survey is ongoing .  It only takes 5 minutes: 


All electric bicycles, except those with power assistance up to 25 km/h and 250W, must comply with European type-approval (Regulation 168/2013). These electric bicycles, such as for instance speed pedelecs, come under category L1e.

Current type-approval legislation imposes a test for electric consumption. Electric bicycle manufacturers have to measure and report how much electricity the electric bicycle consumes but there is not limit value imposed.

However, the European Commission is asking for input on the possibility of introducing a legally binding test of electric range.

This survey, organized by LEVA-EU, is aimed at collecting the opinion of the companies who are directly concerned by this question, i.e. companies that produce, import and/or distribute electric bicycles.

Consequently, we invite all manufacturers, importers and distributors of electric bicycles and of electric bicycle components who operate in the EU to participate in the survey, which is here:


The survey consists of 13 questions and takes some 5 minutes to complete.

We thank all participants in advance for their cooperation.

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