5 Flemish Road Shows to promote (Light) Electric Vehicles: call for participation

The Belgian Association for electric mobility, ASBE, has been commissioned by the Flemish authorities to organize electric vehicle road shows in all 5 Flemish Provinces. The roadshows are part of a number of initiatives to promote electric mobility in the framework of the European Union’s Clean Power for Transport Package.

ASBE is aiming for roadshows that offer a complete picture of the electric vehicle market. Therefore, they explicitly wish to include light electric vehicles, such as electric bicycles, electric mopeds and scooters, motorcycles, quadricycles, electric vehicles for personal transport, …

ASBE has planned 5 roadshows:
–  6 and 7 October in Limburg
– 17 and 18 November in Antwerp
– 23 and 24 March in Eastern Flanders
– 20 and 21 April in Western Flanders
– 25 and 26 May in Flemish Brabant

Participating companies can choose to take part in all shows, in only one or in just a few. The shows are open to vehicle manufacturers, distributors as well as dealers. The price for participating depends on the number of staff the company employs, starting at € 1,500 for 5 shows for companies with up to 5 employees and up to € 6,000 for companies with more than 500 employees.

ASBE-members or companies that use this opportunity to join ASBE enjoy a discount.

The first day of each roadshow is a VIP-event for local councils and companies targeted at managers, fleet managers, councillors, fleet managers and civil servants working on mobility issues. This event includes information sessions and a networking lunch. The second day of the roadshows is targeted at the general public.

For participation or further details, please contact Philippe Vangeel, ASBE Secretary General, email secretary@asbe.be, tel. +32 486 269 205,

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