New Bike Europe White Paper: Rules and Regulations on Electric Cycles in the European Union

Bike Europe has gathered all EU regulations on e-bikes, pedelecs and speed pedelecs.
In the updated Whitepaper Bike Europe presents a manageable overview of all you need to know on e-bike regulations. It offers guidelines on pressing issues when designing, developing, sourcing, distributing and selling e-bikes, pedelecs and speed pedelecs on the European markets.

Table of content:

  1. Technical rules specifically for electric cycles: type-approval and CEN-standards
  2. Other legislation applicable to electric cycles
  3. Battery transportation
  4. Terms of use for electric cycles

You can download the Whitepaper here:

If, after reading the Whitepaper, you are still left with further questions, please get in touch with us. LEVA-EU has expert knowledge on EU rules and regulations and has the right network to find an answer to all your questions:

LEVA-EU – Annick Roetynck
email – tel. +32 9 233 60 05

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