Traffic Safety Survey – For Riders of Cycle Logistics Operators

The following survey is for riders who work for CycleLogistics operators and is a study of their experience regarding safety at work. It aims to capture their experiences on riding accidents, road rules & laws and bike infrastructure and to accumulate knowledge and understanding about the issues faced in undertaking cycle deliveries. It is envisaged that the accumulated responses will result in recommendations on how to improve city and traffic situations and rules for cycle based delivery.

Here is a link to the survey which we hope you will be willing to distribute to all your riders:

The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete and all answers are anonymous.

The survey will be open to mid-June 2017 and a study report will be produced by 1 October 2017. The results of the survey will be distributed via ECLF when published.

The Swedish National Road Agency (Trafikverket) are part funding the survey which has been jointly devised by Sustainable Mobility Consultancy firm Koucky & Partners and MoveByBike Malmö.


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