2017 Polis Conference “Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions” – Call for Speakers

Polis has published the list of topics on which presentations are sought for the technical sessions of their annual conference, which takes place in December in Brussels. All abstracts should highlight the innovative dimension as well as results achieved and lessons learned. Innovative presentation formats are also welcome! Interested speakers are requested to prepare an abstract using the online submission form: http://www.polisnetwork.eu/2017abstracts

One of the topics relevant to the LEV-sector is “The commuting cyclist: the rise of e-bikes, fast cycle lanes, impact on urban regions” under the heading enviromnent & health in traffic. The issue of cyclelogistics could be broached under the topic “Safer urban freight transport to protect pedestrians and cyclists”, which comes under the heading road safety and security

Another relevant topic is “Urban parking policy to support economic & urban development; using parking data & technology for policy delivery”. Suitable parking infrastructure is one of the main issues in the promotion of LEVs. The opportunity of this topic needs to be used to outline the importance of including LEVs in parking data and technology analysis for policy delivery.

Finally, the topic “Public transport – integrated planning, clean vehicles, information services, automation, regional public transport” also offers opportunities for presentations on LEVs. These last two topics come under the issue of economic and social challenges.

For further details or to submit abstracts, please go to http://www.polisnetwork.eu/uploads/Modules/PublicDocuments/2017_polis-conference_call-for-speakersv2.pdf

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