City of Stockholm opens up public procurement for cargo bikes

Source Jeppe D Larssen – The CEO of MoveByBike writes: “Our dialogue and lobby with the city of Stockholm to remove truck-specific rules from the city’s public procurement worked. In a new procurement regarding food-delivery for schools they added something like “does no apply for bikes” in Swedish. Also they split up the different schools so the ones with volumes that fit in cargo bikes is in one offer. Picture from our colleagues in Malmö transporting heated food to 20 pre-schools.’

We just got the public procurement opened for cargo bikes

LEVA-EU has been working to include Light Electric Vehicles in European procurement rules. There is currently a revision going on of the Green Public Procurement Transport Criteria. To date, these criteria only include M and N-category vehicles. In the revision process, LEVA-EU has managed to have all L-category vehicles included as well as self-balancing vehicles, vehicles without a seating position and electric bicycles excluded from type-approval.

Furthermore, LEVA-EU is working for the adoption in procurement of the principle to choose the smallest, lightest and most energy-efficient vehicle.

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