DHL launches 2 cargocycle projects

Source Francisco Luciano – Wednesday 1 March, two pilot projects were launched by DHL Express in Frankfurt, Germany and Utrecht, Holland. In each city, two Armadillos (called Cubicycles within DHL), four City Containers and a custom City Container trailer (called City Hub within DHL) were taken into operation.

More than 40 German newspapers covered the story, for example calling the Armadillo/Cubicycle a Superbike and a Mix of bike, go-kart and van. Also in social media the interest has been big. German cargobike blogger (Arne Behrensen) made a Facebook post that has at this point been shared 133 times. A common comment is “When do we get this in our city center?”.

Coinciding with all this, Velove was granted € 30 000 by Swedish state funding scheme “Innovative start-ups“. The competition was tough, with only 10-15 % of applicants being granted funding.

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