More cargo-bikes sold than electric cars in Germany

Source Arne Behrensen – Cyclelogistics Linkedin Group – As part of its annual statistic on the German bike market the German Bicycle Industry Association (Zweirad-Industrie-Verband, ZIV) on 9 March for the first time gave an estimate on the number of e-cargo bikes that have been sold in Germany in 2016.

Thus 2.5% out of 605.000 sold e-bikes have been e-cargo bikes for private or commercial use. This would be around 15.000 e-cargo bikes. The car industry only sold 11.410 fully electric cars in Germany in 2016 – despite a 1.2 billion subsidy programme for electric cars that started in mid 2016. However, the German Bicycle Industry Association does not give a definition when excactly an e-bike starts to count as e-cargo bike.

Is there any comparable market estimates on cargo bikes or e-cargo bikes in other countries?

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