AVERE E-mobility Conference in Amsterdam

The AVERE E-mobility Conference on 13 and 14 April in Amsterdam will be the historic crossroad for EV development: where science meets business. Open exchange of data and insights and lively debates between experts from all over the world are essential ingredients for future success. And AEC 2016 will provide the perfect platform for exactly this exchange! The conferences and presentations will be inspirational, demonstrating best practices and visionary approaches by countries, cities and companies. Science, business and government are working together at every level – to accelerate the growth of electric driving and to capitalise on its economic opportunities.   During the AEC conference, we will develop a shared vision of an European future for e-mobility and formulate a recommendation to the informal EU Council of Transport and Environment ministers, who will meet on the 15th of April.  We welcome innovators from every field and discipline to join this two-day event on e-mobility.

Further details and registration: www.aec.amsterdam

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