EU-Live project: modular solutions for Efficient Urban Light Vehicles

A European consortium of leading automakers, suppliers and research institutions is developing a comprehensive solution to the next generation of electrified, cost-efficient and energy-efficient light vehicles.

EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban Light Vehicles) stands out due to its modular development approach which is intended as an economic and simple solution for realizing a wide range of different powertrains, bodies and designs. Unprecedented in the field of light vehicles, the project focuses on the consistent modularity of fully and partly electrified powertrains including wheel hub motors as well as vehicle bodies for various applications.

The EU-LIVE project is coordinated by the Graz-based VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center and brings together the know-how of twelve partners from six countries, including two major European automakers (PSA Peugeot Citroën, Peugeot Scooters) as well as numerous key suppliers and prestigious research institutions.

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