Light Electric Vehicle Association Presents Awards at Taipei Cycle Show

The LEVA is recognizing individuals and companies that have contributed to the establishment and success of the world wide industry for electric bicycles, and other battery light vehicles.

Company of the Year: this award is to the company that has had the most effect, good or bad, on the LEV industry in the previous year.
Bosch e-Bike Systems

Innovator of the Year:
Zehus Human +

Bright Light of the Year: companies with a brilliant future – two awards
Hero / A2B World Wide Effort
OHM Cycle

Corporate Citizen of the Year: two awards:
Fairly Bike Manufacturing Company
Accell North America – Currie Technologies

Cross Cultural Leader of 2015:
Claudia Wasko – Bosch North America

Leaders Medals Awarded to:
Chairman Ma, China Bicycle Association.
Yu Shih Gang, Shanghai Bicycle Association
Norbert Haller, Designer, Berlin£
Jack Oortwijn, Bike Europe
Annick Roetynck, AVERE
Dr. MacArther, Oregon University
Dr. Mo Hua Yang, HTE
Larry Pizzi, Accell NA

Founders Medals Awarded to:
Wang Quinghua, Bafang Motor Company
Ni Jie, LuYuan Ebike Company
Lee Iacocca, EV Global
Dr. Frank Jamerson, EBWR
Anton and Markus Gromer, Heinzmann
Susanne Bruesch,
Hannes Neupert, Extra Energy
Yamaha PAS team, 1994
Panasonic / National Bicycle Team 1998
Tony Lo, King Liu, Giant Bicycle Company
Malcolm Currie, Currie Technologies
Sid Kuropchak, LEVA
Shanghai Cranes 1997
Suzhou Small Antelope 1997
Schacher Electric Bike
Jim Green, Zap 1995
Rob Means,
Sparta Ion Team
Heather Marsham, Total EV 1998
Burt Cebular, NYCE Wheels


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