Purchasing and Logistics Manager Vässla – Stockholm (S)

Job Type: Full-time – Södermannagatan, Stockholm (Z)

Vässla is part of the evolving micromobility movement that will change the world. We are the leading micromobility brand in the Nordics area. We save loads of people loads of time by making commuting and short distance awesome and effective. Vässla design, produce and sell light electric vehicles for utility use. The macro trends are crystal clear. Cities grow. Traffic congestion is escalating. The planet suffer. Humanity need to switch from four heavy wheels to two light wheels. Let’s make commuting great again. Do you agree by heart? 

We are seeking a motivated, driven candidate who will join our team to coordinate purchasing and logistical activities. This is a position where you will interact with all company departments, manufacturers, suppliers and freight carriers, both domestic and international. The ability to prioritize and multi-task is critical to success.


  • Owner of full purchasing, international shipping, logistics and inventory management.
  • Maintain accurate tracking and schedules of freight/shipping schedules. Ensuring proper management and lead time is given.
  • Constantly monitor, maintain and track current inventory.
  • Negotiate and maintain product costs. Coordinate national and international freight traffic and costs.
  • Develop and optimize our purchasing and inventory processes in Fortnox.

Essential Skills, Knowledge And Abilities

  • 2-3 years’ experience in a purchasing/logistics position 
  • Excellent written and oral communication in Swedish and English
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Ability to problem solve, work issues thoroughly and economically
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Fortnox
  • Desire to implement efficiency improvements and constantly seek out ways to learn

Core principles

On top of all this, you need to be a humble and fun person. You need to sign on all the below core principles:
1. Champion the mission
We’re on a mission. The traffic congestion thing is messed up. People are commuting away their lives and kill the planet at the same time. This need to stop. It’s our mission to make short distance travel sweet.
2. Low effort – high impact
Do only stuff that takes little effort to do but will have great impact to many. Everything else must wait. Doing something unimportant well does not make it important. Also a task requiring lot of time does not make it important.
3. Embrace change
One thing is for sure. We will change our mind tons of times. It can be anything. So you need to appreciate and coop with all types of change. We must and should change small things but also really heavy strategic stuff.
4. Always be scrappy
Vässla will grow up and become loads of people. It’s really easy to lose respect for money and the importance of being creative. Always strive to be scrappy. Always try to find a way to make huge projects small. Expensive activities cheap. Hard things simple. There is always a way.
5. Non douche bag policy

It’s simple. No matter how much money or fame that is at stake, we will never do business, cooperate or have anything to do with douche bags. If you sense one, just cut him/her loose immediately. Period.
Our HQ is on Södermalm in Stockholm. We are good people.
See our products on vassla.com.

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